What is ibogaine? Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive substance found in the root bark of the African rain forest shrub Tabernanthe iboga. The iboga plant has been traditionally used by the Bwiti tribe in the Congo basin of Africa for healing purposes and shamanistic ritual ceremonies.
Ibogaine is now becoming a popular method to treat addiction and withdrawal symptoms. In 1962, 19-year-old Howard Lotsof, who was an addict himself, found that ibogaine reduced his dependency on heroin without any withdrawal symptoms and stopped his cravings. After that, Lotsof started campaigning for ibogaine to be used for anti-addiction treatments. As the use of ibogaine started growing, multiple studies were conducted on ibogaine, its benefits, and risks.

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Iboga vs. Ibogaine:

What Is Ibogaine? 
Iboga is basically the root bark that is taken straight from the soil, grounded into a powder form, and consumed. For the purpose of treatments, iboga has to be consumed in large quantities to fully experience the journey. Since the level of chemicals varies from one iboga root to the other, it can be hard to administer the drug and control its effects. Also, iboga comes from natural sources and contains different types of chemicals. So, side effects like physical discomfort and nausea occur more often.
Ibogaine is a synthesized version of the active compound in the iboga root that causes hallucinations and the “ibogaine experience.” As ibogaine is much purer than iboga, the dosage has to be strictly customized and controlled by a medical professional to suit your needs and medical history. In ibogaine treatment centers, this drug is used to treat withdrawal symptoms as its benefits and side effects can be closely supervised to a much greater degree. However, if you’re looking for the traditional experience and are ready to undergo the hardships, you can choose iboga over ibogaine.

The Studies:

What Is Ibogaine? 
Many scientific studies have proven that ibogaine is effective in helping the detoxification and drug recovery process. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), ibogaine has shown significant results in “short-term stabilization of drug-dependent persons as they prepare to enter substance abuse treatment.” They also noted that “ibogaine significantly decreased craving for cocaine and heroin during inpatient detoxification. Self-reports of depressive symptoms were also significantly lower after ibogaine treatment and at 30 days after program discharge.”

The Risks:

Ibogaine: Important Things You Must Know About This Addiction Treatment
Without skilled medical professionals present to supervise your usage, the risks of misuse of ibogaine are very grave. Like any other psychedelic drug, it’s easy to cross the line and get addicted to it. Moreover, ibogaine overdose could potentially lead to multiple health complications, even death. Some of the serious risks associated with ibogaine abuse are seizures, gastrointestinal problems, heart complications, and ataxia. If you have decided to use ibogaine, we highly recommend you to consult a medical practitioner who has experience with ibogaine and can guide you through the process.

Legal or Illegal:

What Is Ibogaine? 
Despite several well-documented reports on the benefits of ibogaine for rehabilitation purposes, it still remains a Schedule I drug in the United States, and is therefore illegal. The main reason for this could be that it’s potentially fatal when abused and its psychedelic properties could have placed it in the same legal category as LSD and MDMA.
However, many countries like Mexico, Canada, and New Zealand allow its use for treatment against drug addiction. If you want to treat your addiction and are looking for places with , you might want to think again. Ibogaine is a highly dangerous drug when used without medical supervision. It would be better if you get yourself enrolled in a treatment center outside the US that provides you with excellent medical attention and care.

How Do You Choose an Ibogaine Treatment Center?

What Is Ibogaine? 
Due to the increased popularity of ibogaine as the preferred choice for addiction treatment, there are many treatment centers across the world that use ibogaine. As it is banned in the US, you’ll have to look for rehab centers outside the country. There are many genuine treatment centers with a mission to help individuals like you to get out of your addiction. So, don’t let a few bad apples cloud your judgement and stop you from obtaining the treatment you need outside the US.
That being said, there are scams that take place. These bad actors prey on vulnerable and desperate people, and spoil the trust that had been built by credible ibogaine treatment centers. Please exercise due diligence before signing up for treatment with any center. This includes checking past clients’ testimonials in social media and online review sites, validating their adherence to medical guidelines, and verifying their credentials with law enforcement. Do everything you need to get comfortable with and trust your rehab center. After all, you are placing your life in their hands.
But don’t let that worry you. Generally, the ideal ibogaine rehab center should have experienced medical staff who are available at all times, should have a calm and serene atmosphere, should have the required equipment and amenities to treat a patient, and should be close to a hospital or medical center. Just be meticulous in your research and you’ll be fine.
. What Is Ibogaine? 
While the exact process of ibogaine treatment will differ from one center to the next, you can always call them up to find out the exact steps of the rehabilitation procedure. Bear in mind that rehab centers are there to help you and support you through your journey in overcoming addiction. Friendly and well-trained staff, professional and state-of-the-art facility, and keeping patient care and safety as their top priority are all the hallmarks of a reliable rehab center.
Despite being in its infancy, ibogaine de-addiction treatments are known to have a positive impact on people’s lives. Over the years, it has shown a lot of promise to effectively reduce the pain addicts’ go through during withdrawal. There is also much evidence from reliable studies that proves ibogaine’s benefits. With more research, responsible usage, and better regulation, ibogaine can go on to become an integral part of rehabilitation for struggling substance users.
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What is Ibogaine? – #Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive substance found in the root bark of the African rain forest shrub Tabernanthe #iboga that is now becoming a popular method to treat #addiction and withdrawal symptoms. #Ibogaine #Tabernantheiboga #drugaddiction #drugtreatment #ibogainetreatment