Whiskey Bars of New York City
Single malt has become all the craze in New York City as a cocktail revival takes hold of the hipster crowd.

Whiskey bars around New York City are more than just a stopping off place for a dram of the brew, they

are also places that will happily educate patrons about the proud heritage of bourbon and offer numerous

distinctive variations for connoisseurs to sample.

With hundreds of whiskey bars springing up around the Big Apple and some in proximity to the city’s

major hotels, it can be hard to choose which to visit.

Here’s a list of the city’s top whiskey bars.

Whiskey Bars of New York City


Located in the West Village, Highlands is a Scottish gastropub.

True to its Scottish heritage, Highlands serves up not just exceptional whiskey but also authentic, hearty

fare such as a robust mushroom shepherd’s pie or Beef Wellington cooked to perfection.

Belly up to the bar to sample one or more of their 130 types of whiskey.

Whiskey Bars of New York City

Flatiron Room

The Flatiron Room is located on Broadway Street.

It’s home to top jazz performances, 80 types of bourbon and 400 whiskey variations.

More than just a typical whiskey parlor, the Flatiron Room offers courses in whiskey to beginners

and advanced aficionados.

Whiskey Bars of New York City

Char No 4

Brooklyn’s Char No 4′s distinctive name refers to the practice of aging bourbon in charred new oak

barrels, which gives bourbon its characteristic sweet, caramelized flavors and beautiful amber hue.

At Char No 4, patrons will have the opportunity to sample over 150 American whiskeys.

Whiskey Bars of New York City

Brandy Library

With a name like the Brandy Library, visitors are guaranteed to find a huge selection of premium

whiskeys to sample.

Located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan, the establishment is home to 900 bottles of

whiskey and over 100 cocktail creations.

Whiskey Bars of New York City

Death + Company

Death + Company is a classic speakeasy in every sense of the word.

The bartenders take pride in their work and stir their whiskey cocktails up to 50 times to make

sure it’s mixed to perfection. Located in the Lower East Side, whiskey enthusiasts can enjoy a bar

fully stocked with rare whiskey choices from around the world.

Visitors to the city can to kick things up by visiting the establishment while staying at one of New York’s

trendy boutique hotels.

Whiskey Bars of New York City
A trip to New York City isn’t complete without visiting one of the city’s many whiskey bars.

Many hotels in New York City are conveniently located close to the bars, which makes a night out on

the town sampling a dram or two of single malt a highlight of any night.


Have you explored any of the whiskey bars in New York City?

Which ones are your favorites?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.