It is a common phenomenon that we begin to gain more weight once we hit our 40s, but have you ever wondered why it is so? In fact, it’s not something that’s only true if you are a woman because men suffer the same fate as well.

In addition to gaining weight easily, we also find that losing weight has become much harder than before since that routine we followed five years back with success may not be useful any longer. We will now take a closer look at the facts and try to find an answer to that question.


It is a common phenomenon that we begin to gain more #weight in our 40s, but have you wondered why? Click To Tweet


Hormonal Changes

Why Do Women Gain More Weight After 40?

Most people think that middle-age and they are right. Perimenopause is the precursor to menopause and as soon as it hits, your natural levels of oestrogen and progesterone begin to fluctuate and drop below normal.

As there is a clear connection between oestrogen and fat storage in the body, women tend to gain more and more weight with each passing year post forty. Additionally, perimenopause also slows down your metabolism and once you reach complete menopause, weight gain will be even more rapid and harder to control.


Sedentary Lifestyle

Why Do Women Gain More Weight After 40?

One’s choice of lifestyle has little to do with age really as there are multiple 50+ individuals out there who are a lot fitter and in better shape than some women in their 30s. Nevertheless, fitness does take a dip on the priority list as we get older because of multiple reasons such as added responsibilities, weakening of the body and most prominently, the false belief that we need to “slow down” as we age.

While it is true that we begin to lose muscle mass as we age and past injuries seem to catch up with us, what we really need to do is adjust according to our changing body. Instead, we often slow down way too much or stop completely, which are counterproductive moves that lead to even more fat gain.


Insulin Resistance

Why Do Women Gain More Weight After 40?

Unfortunately, and that effect is felt especially once we enter our forties. In addition to the dangerous possibility of having high blood sugar due to the increased insulin resistance, an unwanted side-effect is that you start to gain weight, especially around the midsection.


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Menopausal Sleep Disorders

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It’s quite common for women going through perimenopause and menopause to experience sleep disorders such as insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, migraines and increased stress; all of which contribute directly towards fat gain, lethargy, lack of motivation, depression etc.

As you can see, middle-age weight gain is a very real problem and a sign that your body is changing. The point is to know what is happening with your body, accept it and adapt your lifestyle accordingly, so that you are able to lead a fit life irrespective of your chronological age.

Why Do Women Gain More Weight After 40?

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