Earth’s tropical rain forests are created when they get high and minimum annual rainfall. They house the majority of the species of the world’s habitats. Malaysia’s tropical rainforests are the oldest rainforesst in the world and are indeed unique because of the vast biodiversity.  The lack of sunlight at ground level causes a stunted undergrowth in many areas, and the grounds are often covered with vines, shrubs, and small trees.

If planning to explore Malaysia and its rain forests, plan your trip and make the booking well in advance to avoid any last-minute disappointments. Once you land in Malaysia’s capital, take advantage of , and make the bookings online. to your hotel for an easy and comfortable journey. Once you are all settled and  explored the local attractions, it is time to explore the rainforests of Malaysia.



The stunning resorts in the rainforests

Most people are not aware of the best tropical retreats that lie hidden within the fantastic rainforests of Malaysia. Some of the most popular spots include names like Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Belum Rainforest Resort, Tabin Wildlife Resort, and more.

It is indeed a great experience to stay at one of those luxurious and private resorts located deep within the valleys and forests. Many of them are just minutes away from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Moreover, one can partake in exciting outdoor activities like rainforest hikes, jungle treks, night safaris, and cave tours. You can explore the untouched wilderness areas around your resort and try to spot the local wildlife and birds. Enjoy views of the rainforest from the master bedroom of your luxurious villa and experience the peaceful and beautiful isolation.

Why Explore the Rainforests of Malaysia

Wonderful parks located within the rainforests

There are plenty of natural parks that are located within the rainforests, and one can start with Taman Negara, which is loaded with rainforest’s natural wonders. Take jungle strolls and get to know more about the aboriginal culture of the village.

Explore the caves or climb the mountains or visit the four waterfalls in Taman Negara. Penang National Park is the latest park in Malaysian rainforests, and you can admire the majestic wildlife in the rainforest. Explore the hiking trails and enjoy scenic views after those long walks.

Mulu Caves National Park is surrounded by Borneo’s rainforest, and its major attractions are the caves like Deer Cave and Clearwater Cave. Lambir Hills National Park is part of the diverse rainforest ecosystem and home to hundreds of species of wildlife like wild pigs, flying squirrels, birds, deer, and gibbons. Kubah National Park boasts of waterfalls, streams, wild orchid species, palm trees and several streams, and bathing pools.

There are different trails to walk on in the rainforest parks. Some other popular parks include names like Bako National Park, Kinabalu Park, and some more.

Why Explore the Rainforests of Malaysia

Popular activities to enjoy in the rainforests

If you are a nature lover, you will simply love being in the rainforests and wet jungles. Here are some popular activities to look forward to when in a rainforest of Malaysian.

  • Visit the Aborigines and learn more about their lifestyle and culture.
  • Explore the serene atmosphere of the virgin jungles by both day and night.
  • Climb the steep slopes of mountainsides with permanent ropes and on ready-made paths.
  • Observe the most diverse flora and fauna and see the world’s largest flower, rafflesias, and the carnivorous pitcher plants.
  • Get ready to sight a vast biological diversity made thousands of species that include rare hornbills, monkeys, giant porcupine, monitor lizards, deer, civets, milky storks along with an overwhelming number of birds and insect species.


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Why Explore the Rainforests of Malaysia - Malaysia's tropical rainforests are the oldest rainforests in the world and are indeed unique because of the vast biodiversity. If you are a nature lover, you will simply love being in the rainforests and wet jungles.  #rainforests   #Malaysia  #Malaysianrainforests  #travel  #tropical rainforests  #Malaysiantourism