Whether you have a low, moderate or high prescription, you may have considered eye surgery. Of course, surgery is a big decision and one not to be taken lightly. Eye surgery can have many benefits and is one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the US. It can reduce or eliminate the need for contact lenses or glasses, which can be extremely helpful for most people. If you have been considering eye surgery but you are unsure if you would like to go through with it, or just want more information, read on to see if eye surgery is the best solution for you.


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What Is Eye Surgery?

Why Eye Surgery May Be the Best Solution for You

Eye surgery involves the use of a laser to reshape the cornea of the affected eye or eyes in order to correct the person’s vision. In most cases this will completely eliminate the need for glasses or contacts, but in cases where vision is quite damaged, it may make the prescription less. This is still helpful as it means you may not need those thick rimmed glasses anymore.

Lasik surgery, performed at the is one of the most frequently performed elective surgeries in America, and has been chosen by millions of people to safely and successfully correct or enhance their vision. Unfortunately, not all people are eligible for eye surgery such as those with severe vision issues and those with diabetes, as it can be unsafe to perform on such people.


Immediate Results

Why Eye Surgery May Be the Best Solution for You

One of the main reasons eye surgery can be beneficial is the immediate results. You can have dramatic results as soon as the surgery is completed, meaning you may not need your glasses or contacts again! Many people think that they will need to rest their eyes afterwards or the effects may take some time to be fully effective, but this is not the case and results can be seen before you have even left the surgery.

You may have blurry eyes, but this is often corrected by a short nap with protective eye shields (so you do not rub your eyes). Within a few days your vision will be at its best and you can see the world around you again, without the need to have glasses permanently sat on your face. Most people will even attend work again the next day, meaning you don’t even have to use a few holiday or sick days.


Career Opportunities 

Why Eye Surgery May Be the Best Solution for You

If you wish to pursue a career in certain fields such as the air force or navy, you need to have perfect 20:20 vision. Many people cannot pursue their dream jobs because of their need for glasses or contacts, as the dangers of losing glasses on a mission could be life threatening. Eye surgery allows you the opportunity to or navy if you so wish, if the surgery eliminates the need for glasses.

It can also be beneficial to many other careers, especially those that involve long and busy shifts, where you can spend half of your time cleaning your glasses as they continuously become dirty. If you work in an office, this can be another pain as contact lenses may make your eyes feel constantly dry due to the air conditioning in your building.


Sport Activities

Why Eye Surgery May Be the Best Solution for You

Many sporting activities can be made harder by the need of having to wear glasses or contact lenses. Water sports, including swimming, can become very hard as you cannot focus on what is in front of you. Cycling can also be almost impossible, as glasses become dirty and contact lenses dry out due to the winds faced when cycling.

If you are into extreme sports, skydiving can be an even better experience when you have 20/20 vision and can see the world floating beneath you, as glasses and contacts shouldn’t be worn when skydiving. Regardless of which sport you love to play, being able to see clearly without the need of anything else can be extremely helpful and .



Why Eye Surgery May Be the Best Solution for You

No longer do you need to struggle at the mirror for 5 minutes every morning putting your contact lenses in, or having to clean your glasses 5-10 times a day. Not having to think about contacts or glasses again can make the world of difference and mean much more freedom for us. Visiting the cinema and forgetting your glasses can be a thing of the past as eye surgery gives you the perfect vision you deserve. Simple things can just be made a lot easier, even going on holiday, especially if you need to fork out for prescription sunglasses.

Having eye surgery can have many benefits and, as it is a surgery that is performed millions of times a year, is proven to be safe and effective.


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