People who advocate the consumption of natural organic food proclaim that it is more nutritious and better tasting than non-organic food. They also proclaim that natural or organic food production is better for animals who do not have to be subjugated to antibiotics and the environment as well. As a result of this, more and more people are switching to a more natural diet. In this article, we’ll take a look at five reasons why you should go natural as well as some tips to consider when it comes to ensuring that you stay on the right path.



“More and more people

are switching to 

a more natural diet.”



Stay On The Right Path

Why Going Natural Can Be The Best Thing You've Ever Done For Yourself 

One of the number one reasons why people do not stick to a natural diet is because they falsely believe that they need to go all natural in all areas of the type of foods they consume. As a result of this, when they have a slip-up, they give up on the diet completely and revert back to their old ways of eating. The reality of the fact is that you will be tempted to indulge in a guilty pleasure and that’s completely fine. In fact, you should indulge every now and then. This will help you to feel guilt-free and serve as a reward for maintaining a natural diet.

One natural guilty pleasure you should consider is caramel. Here’s a recipe for a delicious low-calorie caramel based treat you can use to reward yourself for your efforts of pursuing an all natural diet.


Banana Pancake Caramel Pancakes

Why Going Natural Can Be The Best Thing You've Ever Done For Yourself 


2 cups of pancake mix

1 banana

4 teaspoon caramel syrup

1 cup of milk (or plant-based substitute)

2 teaspoons butter (or plant-based substitute)



  1. Cut the banana up into smaller pieces and mash them in a bowl.
  2. Pour 2 cups of pancake mix into a bowl and combine it with 1 cup of milk.
  3. Once you have mixed the pancake solution into a consistency that you like, add the mashed bananas.
  4. Put the stove on medium heat and coat your pan with melted butter and drop the pancake solution into it.
  5. Cook for approximately 2 minutes per side continuously flipping it until its golden brown
  6. Pour caramel syrup onto the pancakes once they are finished.


Here are some of the reasons why eating natural is healthy for you.

Why Going Natural Can Be The Best Thing You've Ever Done For Yourself 

1) Better Nutrition And Lower Blood and Sugar Levels

Many people suffer from high blood pressure and high sugar levels. As a result of this, eating natural foods can help to control your blood and sugar levels. Factory made/synthetic foods are highly salted, sugared, and processed during the production. As a result, it literally drains the food products of the essential nutrients that they naturally possess. Foods that are organic, or rather in their natural state, are rich in life-giving substances and essential nutrients.


2) Lower Calories – Great For Weight Loss

If you’ve been contemplating the possibility of losing weight, committing to an all-natural diet can help you to do just that. Natural foods are devoid of added sugars, salt, and other preservatives which all add calories to whatever food they are added to. As a result of this, you will notice that organic products contain significantly fewer calories than their man-made chemically processed counterparts.

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3) Age Better

It’s no secret that the children of today’s world look as if they age faster than the children of the early 1900s. In some cases, you yourself may find it shocking that the tall developed person you are looking at is actually 13. Many experts will agree that post-fast-food era children are aging and developing faster than their pre-fast-food era counterpart. This is because the hormones they give chickens and cows to make them grow faster is passed on to people who consume said meat. By eating organic foods, you will age at the rate of which you are supposed to age, as opposed to eating processed food and experiencing accelerated aging.


4) Cleanses Body

Many of the diseases that we experience as adults occur as a result of a build-up of toxins within our blood. Natural foods such as organic fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. What makes this interesting is the fact that it helps to keep your intestines in good shape and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your body removes toxins from your blood. Even more interesting is the fact that once the body has consumed fiber, it begins to work immediately to remove waste from your blood.

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5) Improved Psychological Health

What you consume can drastically affect your mood. Processed foods that are high in sugar can sabotage your well-being. Studies indicate that high sugar consumption has an adverse effect on your psychological health, such as anxiety and depression. But by consuming natural foods that are lower in sugar, it can help to actually improve your psychological health.


Have you moved towards a more natural and organic diet?

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