While plenty of us spend much of our lives looking after those we love, it stands to reason that we should also be looking after ourselves! However, that means more than just eating healthily and making sure we get enough exercise.

The idea of ‘me-time’ isn’t anything new; however, there are still plenty of us out there who aren’t giving ourselves enough time to reflect and refresh.

Finding ‘me-time’ is crucial, no matter what you do from day to day, no matter what your career might be. Whether you check into an to discuss some of your concerns, or even if you just find the time to meditate each day, you really should be making sure that you take at least a few minutes out of your schedule to focus on yourself. Here are a few reasons why doing so is so important.



Why 'Me-Time' is So Important  

It’s great for mind and body

We’ve looked previously at how the physical body and psychological and emotional health link together. The fact is that if you don’t give yourself time to reflect and to recharge, you’re going to end up burning out.

Filling your time with work or with other people’s concerns could lead to fatigue, burnout, or eating unhealthily. Taking time out for yourself will give you the chance to apply some self-care – inside and out.

Why 'Me-Time' is So Important  

It’s not selfish

One of the biggest walls that people face when it comes to making time for themselves is this idea of selfishness. Making time for yourself isn’t selfish – after all, you know yourself better than anyone, and it’s, therefore, your responsibility to take care of your mind and body. Selfishness would arise if you always put yourself above others or if you only help people to further your own needs or wants.

Self-care and me-time will help you to build a sense of who you are. Whether you choose to meditate, bathe, or read a book, spending time with yourself will help you build all-important self-esteem.

Why 'Me-Time' is So Important  

It combats loneliness

Many of us feel lonely at times, but there are plenty of ways you can combat feelings of withdrawal from people whose company you enjoy. One of the best routes to take is to simply spend more time with yourself. Get to know what you like to do, what you want to experience, and what you need to do to feel content on your own.

It may sound bizarre, but ‘getting to know yourself’ is a real phenomenon. The more time you take out for yourself – in a healthy way, and not at others’ expense – the more comfortable and content you will feel in your own company. That will help you to combat intense feelings of loneliness easier in the future.



The idea of ‘me-time’ might seem a bit well-trodden. However, in a world that’s getting busier and busier, it’s never been more important to give yourself some time to reflect!


Do you give yourself “me-time”?

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