12 Reasons to Get Off Your Butt & Walk Your Way to Better Health

When I want to feel strong, energized and lifted, I simply lace up my sneakers,

hit the street and walk.

And once I get moving, I often walk for miles.

For me, walking is more than exercise, it’s therapy.

It makes me happy!

For many of us, walking can be pure magic.

And it doesn’t require a huge amount of time…

Just walking 30 minutes a day, five times a week can make you healthier and

happier too.

Did you know that more than 70 percent of all adult Americans leading unhealthy,

sedentary lifestyles?

What a difference a regular walking regime could make in their lives.

Research has shown that walking regularly can significantly improve our health and

quality of  life.

I’ve witnessed the impact walking daily has made on the health of several friends and

family members.

Need more convincing?

The informative infographic below illustrates some of health benefits of walking–some

of which you may find surprising.

Anatomy of Walking

Infographic source – Visually
So what do you think? Are you walking enough?
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