The rule of thumb is to service and repair an appliance to make sure it fulfills its full worth. But when does this rule fade away? Some appliances have a long shelf life, and . But for others, replacement is a better option in the long run. Discover which four appliances in your home you shouldn’t wait to replace.


“For certain appliances,

replacement is a better option

in the long run.”


Water Heaters That Provide Only Cold Showers

4 Appliances You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace

Before running to the nearest water heater outlet for a replacement, a repair could prolong the life of your appliance. For propane or gas heaters, first check whether the pilot light is functional. For electric water heaters, a faulty electric breaker could be the culprit. Regular maintenance of your water heater should correct any issues before they arise. However, you should replace your water heater every 10 years.

Refrigerators That Lose Their Cool

4 Appliances You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace

A refrigerator can lose its ability to cool properly for many reasons, such as wear and tear of the seal, issues with airflow, and other problems. You can replace many of these parts, but when replacement becomes a regular occurrence, .

Did you know that the lifespan of a refrigerator is roughly 15 years? Once the appliance goes beyond this age, its operating ability lessens due to age, and you may be spending more money on energy costs to keep it running.

Air Conditioners That No Longer Cool Your Home

4 Appliances You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace

Throughout the summer months, HVAC units take on much strain as the temperatures rise. This strain could mean that a prolonged use of the unit will cause it to malfunction or stop working entirely. Dirty air filters are often a major cause of a malfunctioning HVAC unit, a problem which you can prevent through regular servicing of your HVAC unit. Maintenance helps these units stay in good shape, but after the 15-year mark, .

Microwave Ovens That Spoil Your Microwavable Dinners

4 Appliances You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace

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When a microwave oven no longer heats food to the ideal temperature, a repair may resolve the issue. Other issues that can cause a microwave to malfunction include problems with the power supply or issues with the onboard programming. These issues can often be resolved by a qualified repair technician. When the microwave is , getting a replacement can be the best solution. Accidents happen quickly, and they can be particularly dangerous with a malfunctioning microwave since the chances of fire become greater.

The option to keep repairing an item works when the repairs are small and extended over some time. When the repairs become more frequent or costly, consumers need to weigh those repairs against the costs of replacements. Another aspect to consider is that newer appliances could help save households money, thanks to energy-efficient technology. Maintenance and regular service still need to form part of the upkeep of the appliances to make sure they live up to their manufacturers’ specifications.


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4 Appliances You Shouldn’t Wait to Replace