4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

Most everyone is well-aware of the Amazon Rainforest’s slow and steady disappearance.

“Save the Rainforest!” has been the motto of environmentalists for decades, but

seem to be increasing of late, indicating that one of Earth’s most precious

ecological regions will soon vanish forever ― unless we do something about it.

4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

Unlike most folks, who can do little more than donate money to rainforest protection

initiatives, travelers have a handful of unique opportunities to explore and expand

the Amazon.

1. Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

Tucked deep in the southern Brazilian Amazon, next to the serene River Cristalino,

this lodge was built to bring visitors closer to nature.

Though the accommodations are sumptuous, the wild rainforest is present in every

view, so guests never forget where they are or why they came.

The private forest reserve surrounding the lodge is home to more than six hundred

species of birds, as well as a wide variety of friendly butterflies and some especially

exotic wildlife, including capybaras, agoutis, and jaguars.

The lodge’s guides will take guests on a variety of tours through the wilderness,

teaching them about the Amazon while they explore.

Additionally, much of the proceeds from the lodge feed the ,

which works to educate locals on the importance of conservation and mitigate the

impact of unsound practices in the region.

2. Chalalan Lodge, Bolivia

4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

One of the most ambitious ecotourism projects in the Amazon, this lodge is built

entirely from natural materials found in the surrounding rainforest, and it is managed

by the indigenous Quechua-Tacana community.

The result is an utterly spectacular congregation of huts surrounded by a beautifully

placid oxbow lake deep in Bolivia’s .

It is difficult to ignore the chorus of animal sounds, which accompany visitors wherever

they travel.

The lodge’s guides lead journeys through the untouched wilderness, on foot or by boat,

pointing out medicinal plants and locating seldom-seen wildlife.

3. Iwokrama River Lodge, Guyana

4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

A collaboration between the native Makushi people and the International Centre for

Rainforest Conservation and Development created this astonishingly remote lodge in

the center of Guyana’s Iwokrama Forest.

Consisting of a mere five cabins, visitors are sure to find solitude and the sublime in

this rainforest retreat.

Despite its small size, this lodge offers plenty of activities for adventurous travelers.

Visitors can explore miles of trails twisting through the rainforest, learning about the

800-plus species of birds in the region.

4. Napo Wildlife Centre, Ecuador

4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

Committed to conservation, this luxurious lodge is owned by an indigenous community

called the Añangua Quichua, who strive to safeguard , the largest

tract of tropical rainforest in Ecuador.

Visitors to the center have dozens of opportunities to experience the natural environment

and interact with the native community.

The wildlife center is perched on the banks of the Napo River and surrounded by clay licks,

which attract all manner of colorful, talkative parrots and macaws.

Additionally, a 20-minute trek through forest trails leads to a canopy tower, which provides

opportunities to see all manner of rainforest fauna.

Plus, the entire facility runs on solar power and hybrid diesel generators ― as well as a unique

water treatment system ― which limits guests’ carbon footprints and has little impact on the

surrounding ecosystem.

10 Tips to Make Any Amazon Trip Eco-Friendly

4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

These four trips offer unique opportunities to experience and assist the Amazon Rainforest,

but reservations can be expensive and exclusive.

Fortunately, any traveler can make an economical ecological trip to the Amazon with some

smart travel tricks.

First, can provide discounts on costly plane tickets overseas, and

staying far from touristy resorts will also save cash.

Meanwhile, the following tips will help anyone enjoy an environmentally friendly Amazon


4 Trips for Travelers to Save the Amazon

Get vaccinated before you go.

Ask before you book. How does your guide promote responsible, sustainable behavior?

Do research and delve into all companies’ environmental past.

Pack it in, pack it out. Pick up every scrap of waste you bring into the rainforest.

Take only memories. Avoid taking natural souvenirs, including flowers and stones.

Stay on the path.

Travel in small groups.

Conserve natural resources. Avoid taking long showers or dumping out potable water.

Be respectful of local and indigenous communities.

Spend money locally. Avoid supporting international corporations, which often contribute

to deforestation.

Discourage animal trade. Forbid your guide from hunting during your trek, and refuse to

purchase animal products, like big cat pelts and monkey hands.



Are you concerned about the Amazon Rainforest’s slow and steady disappearance?

Are you ready to take an eco-friendly tour of the Amazon?

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