Maintaining a beautiful yard is key for making the most of these bright summer months. Whether you’re inviting over friends and family or simply keeping up with the Joneses, sporting a gorgeous lawn will help you enjoy summer and everything it has to offer. If you’re planning on selling your home, a beautiful yard can also enable you to raise the selling price since it makes your home more desirable.

While there are countless reasons to maintain a beautiful yard, unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to keep up with regular yard maintenance. After all, it’s natural to get busy with the trials and tribulations of daily life; between work, play, and stressing over the recent pandemic, it’s only natural to let some of your smaller responsibilities fall by the wayside.



Maintaining a  is possible as long as you have the right tools. Here are some of the best ways to make your backyard the place to be this summer:

Protect your yard from pests like geese.

You can do everything you can to keep your lawn green, but that won’t stop outside forces from infringing on your turf. There’s no pest so frustrating as the Canada goose.

These territorial birds love invading backyards that are situated by a body of water, like a pond. If they’re raising goslings nearby, they can even attack you if you get too close to their nest. But even if they aren’t raising their babies, Canadian geese leave droppings that can make your lawn virtually unusable. Their poop can even contaminate your water or impact your pets’ health if you’re not careful.

As they look for a new food source, geese can even ruin the fruits and vegetables you’ve planted. Deter these pests from invading your lawn by setting up a decoy natural predator of the goose, like a coyote. The presence of this fake animal can be enough to keep these birds at bay.

Clean as you go.

Do you have pets? Cleaning up after your beloved pooch is mandatory if you want to keep your yard beautiful. Instead of pulling out the pooper scooper when it strikes your fancy, try to clean up your dog poop as soon as it occurs. It might be dirty work, but getting into the habit of regular cleaning will only benefit you as a homeowner. Keep dog waste bags handy whenever you’re outside with your dog so pet waste cleanup never impacts your ability to use the lawn. Having a dog might also serve to keep your goose problem from starting in the first place.

If you can’t bear the thought of cleaning up your dog’s poop, there’s no shame in investing in a . These professionals are great at maintaining your lawn on a regular basis. Plus, you get to enjoy your yard without having to worry about stepping in dog doo-doo!

Plant beautiful flowers.

There’s nothing better than smelling beautiful flowers lining a patio. Whether you want to spruce up your hardscaping or just make your turf area look more inviting, planting flower beds with an array of local plants can bring color and beauty to your yard. Look for local plants since they will grow the best in your climate. Just be sure to water them each day at dawn and dusk so that the sun doesn’t burn their sensitive leaves.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

Install a fence.

Installing a fence is a great way to enjoy more privacy in your backyard, but did you know it’s also great for lawn maintenance? A fence serves as a natural  and a barrier against other animals that would invade your property. This feature will also keep trash from blowing into your yard while keeping your family pet safely tucked inside. If you’re tired of Canada geese, trash, and other problems invading your lawn, installing a fence can be a great option.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Yard

Get the whole family involved.

Maintaining your yard will be a lot easier if you get the whole family involved. After all, everyone in your home enjoys using the yard, right? Encouraging your kids to spend more time outside is an effective way to teach them about the responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining a yard. Try to clean your yard and trim the bushes on a regular basis to bond with your family and keep your yard looking great.


What are your favorite tips for maintaining a beautiful yard?

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