Detoxing can be hard, but with some forethought, you’ll be able to make it a lot easier. There’s more to it than just following instructions: it can be an intensely personal experience. If you’re thinking about giving your systems a break and pulling out the toxins, then read on and find out how to make your life easier during the affair.



1. Pick a Good Time

Detoxing needs to fit into your schedule. Planning on pulling it off on a workday, for instance, is just setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, you need to make sure that you time everything just right. Most detox courses are only a day or two, which makes the weekends a good pick. Some of the symptoms of toxins leaving your body can make anything too strenuous a bad idea.

Put some time into it, and make sure that you’ll have that time to yourself. Detox is always going to go much more smoothly if you’ve already planned on fitting it into an existing routine. It gets easier as time goes on, but the first time? You’re still learning how your body handles the process and that means you’ll need to plan even more ahead.

5 Tips to Make Your Detox Easier

2. Know What to Expect During and After

Each detox is different, but you can learn a lot from those who came before you.

Look up the reports from other people who’ve done the same detox protocol, or even those which are largely similar. As the toxins leave your body you may end up with some wonky side effects.

You should also know how you’ll feel afterward. Some hardcore courses may leave you drained for a couple of days, while you may feel amazing the morning after with others. Neither is necessarily better in the long run, but it helps to keep perspective.

So, do your due diligence and see how others have reacted. We all have our own metabolism and body chemistry, but most of the time we can adapt what’s worked for others to make our detox even better.


3. Have Everything You Need

Do you have all of the extras you need to successfully complete your course? Most of the time all you need are a couple of kitchen appliances, of course, but in other cases, you may have to find things that don’t grace every kitchen.

If it’s your first detox then you’ll want to double-check. For instance, there’s a difference between a juicer and a blender, and a great juicer is usually what you’ll need to ensure that you have your juices prepared.

There are a lot of different detoxes out there, so double-check the list before you commit to a time. If you don’t you may end up with a frustrating last-minute trip to the store.

5 Tips to Make Your Detox Easier

4. Keep Your Options Open

Not every detox is a full fast, many people choose to do things like go vegan for a week or other relatively minor changes. If you’re going down this road, it’s more important to listen to your body than to strictly follow protocol.

As a general rule, most detox programs are light on protein. This is done to ease the burden on the kidneys most of the time, but not everyone is able to maintain a low protein fast. It can even be dangerous for some people.

You should keep your options open. If you need protein, for instance, then you may want to go with some salmon or organic, free-range chicken in small amounts. This won’t hurt the detox much, but you’ll end up feeling much better in the end.

Take a look for some alternatives before you start, just in case you need a little bit of extra help.


5. Watch for Side Effects

Detox has some side effects, and many of them are unpleasant. There’s a reason most people choose to do them at home: it’s a good idea.

Side effects vary depending on the person and the degree of toxins contained in their body. Headaches, lethargy, and irregular bowel movements are very common, especially for those who are new to the process.

While these are relatively innocuous, some hardcore detoxes have led to complications. You should be especially careful if you’re using some sort of supplement to detox.

Almost everyone who goes through a given program will come out fine on the other side. On the other hand, if your body is screaming that there’s something wrong then it’s probably time to abort the protocol and find something which suits you better.

5 Tips to Make Your Detox Easier

Detox Easy and Safe!

It’s not too much work to make sure that your detox is nice and easy. It’s mostly just research and observation that will put you on the right path, along with the willingness to tweak things a bit if something is off. The only question remaining is this: when are you going to plan your next detox?


Have you done a detox?

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