• Are you worried that your friend might be having an addiction problem with drugs, porn, alcohol, etc.?
  • Do you know the best ways you can help them overcome their addiction problem and become healthy again?
  • Have you tried reading up on literature, talking to their relatives or seeking help from an expert with regard to the addiction problems?

In the year 2020, addiction problems are no longer restricted to just drugs or alcohol related issues. Addiction issues can arise out of an unhealthy craving to consume television, games, shopping, food, porn, etc.

What many people fail to realize is that addiction is closely related to mental health and depression. It is often the result of individuals seeking to compensate for something else. This is why it is necessary to identify, address and take corrective actions when it comes to addiction.



In this article, we are going to help people look into five credible ways of helping someone overcome addiction. If you, or your loved ones, including your friends are going through addiction related issues, you should pay attention to this article.

5 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome An Addiction Problem

How We Should Understand Addiction in Modern Times

Experts suggest that addiction is best understood as a chronic disease, which cannot be healed at one go. This means that the process (which includes the treatment) has to be stretched over a period. This is because no one gets addicted to something, after trying it for the first time.

As the addiction process takes place with time, so does the overcoming process as well. Signs that you should watch out for identifying addiction can be diverse and varied. Health experts and therapists agree on the following ones-

  • Acute craving leading to satisfaction and fulfilment post consuming the addiction
  • Distorted emotional responses that are devoid of self-introspection
  • False sense of motivation, memory cognitive orders and anxiety
  • Serious behavioural problems like anger, tiredness and loss of appetite

If anyone around you is suffering from the above-mentioned points, he or she definitely needs professional help to overcome addiction.

5 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome An Addiction Problem

5 Ways to Help Your Friends Overcome an Addiction Problem: The List



1. Establishing an open line of communication

The first thing you need to do to help someone overcome an addiction issue is to start communicating with him or her. This is critical as people who are suffering from an addiction issue are closed and reserved about their problem.

They see any conversation around their issues as something, which is detrimental to their craving. This is why most people who have addiction issues lash out at the first sign of communication. The key is to get the communication going even after you suffer setbacks.


2. Earning their trust

If someone is going to listen to you, he or she needs to know that you have his or her best interests in mind. This means that you will have to try extra hard to win trust and seek out solutions that they feel is right for them.

Negative motivations do not work when it comes to dealing with addiction problems. It is best that you establish trust by being patient and paying heed to what they are saying. You should also remember that trust is a two-way street. This means that the person might also expect you to keep some of their secrets.

5 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome An Addiction Problem

3. Taking help from a professional

Normal people who do not have prior training cannot and should not try to handle all things by themselves. When it comes to finding , experts should be your first choice. This includes therapists, rehabilitation centres and other medical practitioners.

According to professionals, the task of a friend or a relative is very important during this stage. This is because the addicted person is more likely to listen to the advice of a close friend or a relative than some stranger willing to help.


4. Being committed and patient with the problem

Helping someone with an addiction problem is not the same as helping someone overcome a common cold. The process is long drawn and has many setbacks inherently built into the system. This means that you are going to fail many times, before you succeed.

A person who is helping someone with an addiction problem needs to be patient and understanding. You might get shouted at, cursed, called names or even suffer from physical abuse. You need to understand that you are asking someone to give up something, which they love (their addiction). The key is to remain committed for a long period.

5 Ways To Help Your Friend Overcome An Addiction Problem

5. Setting milestones, rewards and checking up

Just to make the entire process a bit of fun, you can set milestones and rewards for successful completion. For example, if your friend is suffering from alcoholism and is on the road to recovery for a month, you can throw a party for him or her.

Checking up on someone who is recovering is of paramount importance. Triggers during this period can easily make someone slide back into addiction. Calling, texting or meeting up periodically with your friend or relative who is recovering is highly recommended.




You should always remember that people who are addicted are crying out for help at all times. Addiction is a mental health issue, which if not addressed can lead to life-threatening problems. If you follow the five points mentioned in the article, you can help your friend, relative or partner overcome an addiction problem.


Have you helped a friend overcome an addiction problem?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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