Aging is a beautiful thing. We see more of the world, embark on our careers and learn more about ourselves. Still, we might not want the fact that we have so much experience to be apparent on our faces. Fine lines and wrinkles typically appear when we reach our 30s, and they continue to become more prominent over time. To keep them at bay and preserve skin as the brightest and most youthful version of itself, a plethora of products and services exist. Some don’t work, while others require an invasive procedure. However, these six anti-aging dermatology treatments will give you the best of both worlds — dewy skin without any painful poking or prodding.


“With these six anti-aging

dermatology treatments you 

can ward off the signs of aging

without causing yourself any

physical discomfort.”


1. Sunscreen

Any list of anti-aging dermatology treatments would be incomplete without a mention of sunscreen. Obviously, its main job is to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation. However, recent studies have shown that it also defends against the aging effects the sun can have.

An Australian study divided participants into four groups: those who applied broad-spectrum sunscreen in the morning and after sweating or bathing, those who could use it any time they wanted, those who took a beta-carotene supplement and those who received a placebo treatment. After four years, they compared latex impressions of the back of each subject’s hands to see how they had aged. After factoring in smoking and sun exposure, researchers determined that those who wore sunscreen didn’t show any visible changes in their skin, in terms of aging.

Those who applied sunscreen experienced fewer signs of aging overall, including those unrelated to sun exposure. Be sure to make sunscreen a part of your everyday routine to battle aging in all forms.


2. Cream Cleansers

As we age, our skin loses some of its moisture. If you use a foaming cleanser, it could be wicking that moisture away, along with the oils and residues you want to remove. Swap it out for a cream cleanser, which is a gentler, more moisturizing option. Don’t forget to rinse both morning and night to keep pores unclogged — your skin will look brighter and more refreshed for it. If you’re in a time crunch, you can use makeup remover wipes or micellar water, both of which cleanse skin without drying it.

6 Anti-Aging Dermatology Treatments for a Natural Look

3. Facials

Aging doesn’t just present itself in wrinkles — you might also experience dull skin, redness or loss of elasticity. Your esthetician probably has a facial at the ready to ward off such changes in the skin. If not, most can put together a custom treatment plan to help you assuage the symptoms your skin’s showing.

In most cases, an anti-aging treatment will incorporate exfoliation to slough away the dead skin cells that are dulling your visage. Moisturizers help to hydrate and re-plump the skin, leaving it dewier and more youthful looking. Plus, the anti-aging-specific products your esthetician uses will further enhance results and repair skin from the inside out so that the effect lasts.


4. Facial Oil

It might seem counterintuitive to put oil on your face but, once again, skin starts to lose its moisture as we age. On top of that, the skin’s ability to make its natural oils stalls, and sun damage can prevent it from retaining moisture, too.

If you feel as though this might be the case with your epidermis, a few drops of facial oil will do the trick. Choose a lightweight blend that will quickly absorb into your skin. Spread it from your nose out to your ears and outer face, then up to your forehead, then down to your chin and neck. You should have enough to cover your decolletage, too — all with just two to five drops of facial oil. After that, enjoy the moisture, shine and youthful vibes.

6 Anti-Aging Dermatology Treatments for a Natural Look

5. Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is thin, so signs of aging show here quickly and intensely. If you have wrinkles or dark circles, then you should invest in an eye cream that targets your specific issue.

Everyone has a favorite eye cream brand, so do your research before choosing the blend that’s right for you. You just need a small amount — tap it onto the skin around your eyes once in the morning and once at night.


6. Microdermabrasion

Your esthetician can helm a microdermabrasion treatment for you, which you can think of as an intense exfoliation session. The pain-free procedure instantly gets rid of flaky skin, bumps and small areas of sun damage. In a single session, skin will appear fresher and brighter, and fine lines will seem less defined. If you want to take things to the next level with a more invasive procedure like a chemical peel, then you might consider starting with a microdermabrasion — that way, you’ll be clear and ready for the next step.

6 Anti-Aging Dermatology Treatments for a Natural Look

Keep It Fresh

With these six anti-aging dermatology treatments, you can ward off the signs of aging without causing yourself any physical discomfort. Instead, you’ll change up your skincare routine or see your esthetician and walk away looking more youthful. That’s a setup that can work for years to come — no pain required.


What are your favorite natural anti-aging skincare treatments?

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