6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating, especially if you feel like you’re doing everything

right but still not seeing any improvements.

Argh! If you’re still struggling to lose weight, take a look at your diet.

Drinking plenty of water, eating foods full of fiber, water, and vitamins, and making sure to

get enough essential fats is important.

Without further ado, here are six foods you can’t miss for weight loss.

1. Spinach

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

Of course the first food on this list is a vegetable!

What’d you think, a hamburger was going to be here?

No, my friends, spinach is awesome.

It’s great in salads, blended up in smoothies or soups, and makes your meal rather fancy when

paired with certain dishes.

Spinach also has some great vitamins and minerals in it—iron, vitamin C, folic acid—that’ll help

you stay nourished while losing weight.

And let’s not forget that a high intake of dark leafy greens is perfect for preventing diseases

and longevity.

Spinach should mostly replace your lettuce in salads—lettuce doesn’t have as many vitamins

or minerals packed in there for you.

Be careful to choose organic: synthetic pesticides remain on plants like these even after washing.

2. Nuts

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

Nuts are full of fiber and can help you get those essential fats you need.

Don’t be spooked by the high fat content: these fats can actually help you lose weight.

Not all fat is bad fat! Pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and brazil nuts can be great sources

of fat and fiber that’ll help keep you full and get you the fat intake you need every day.

 explains why

nuts are so great for weight loss:

While nuts do have a high fat content, people that consume

them tend to be slimmer than those that don’t.

In fact, a large study was done looking at over 200,000

men and women living in Shanghai and the

Southwest United States.

That study, which has also been referenced in

The New York Times, indicates

that the greater the proportion of nuts in a person’s diet,

the lower their rates of death from all causes,

especially heart disease and stroke.

Most likely this is due to the fact that unsalted nuts —

the healthiest choice make a much better snack options than chips,

sugary foods like donuts, or anything else that might

be heavily processed with unneeded dollops of great-tasting

sugar and salt.”


The best part about nuts is that while you can refrigerate and freeze them, this is not

necessary, so you can store them in your pantry or take them on-the-go with you!

They make a great snack paired with a piece of fruit or crushed over oatmeal (also a good

source of fiber).

3. Broccoli

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

Broccoli is a super star veggie!

Along with its fiber content, it also has detoxing effects, which can help get toxins out

of your body.

It’s also high in vitamin A and can help prevent diseases such as cancer and help reduce

chronic inflammation.

Broccoli can be used in a variety of dishes whether you to choose to bake, sauté, or steam it.

It can be used in soups, stir-fry, or just as a crunchy snack with some hummus!

While broccoli shouldn’t be overcooked to avoid losing some of its nutrients, fresh broccoli

that’s steamed or lightly cooked will be your best friend for weight loss.

4. Apples

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

An apple a day keeps the… weight away?

Apples are full of water and fiber, guaranteed to keep you full during the day.

These are a great crunchy snack as they’re portable, can be stored in or out of the fridge,

and they can actually help clean your teeth and freshen your breath in the middle of the day!

Their crunchy nature combined with their fibrous content helps remove food from your teeth,

work your gums, and help alleviate that coffee breath you may have leftover from the morning.

Apples are a great snack paired with nuts, or you can incorporate them into your meals to make

for a fancy treat with peanut butter, on a salad, or as healthy dessert!

5. Beans

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

Beans are a versatile food and are great for weight loss.

They’re full of fiber and slow to digest, so they help keep your full long after you’ve stopped

eating them.

They can also help prevent blood sugar spikes and keep you feeling good throughout the day.

Beans such as edamame, pinto, black, string beans, or kidney beans are awesome.

You can put them in soups, make hummus with them, or just order them at Chipotle with

your burrito bowl.

6. Dark Chocolate

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss


You’re surprised to see this on here.

Weight loss isn’t about denying yourself foods—it’s about changing the way you look

at foods and treat your body so that you can be better, healthier, and feel great.

Dark chocolate is full of flavonoids and healthy fats.

Best of all, most dark chocolate doesn’t include dairy.

Make sure you read the label though, as many cheaper brands of chocolate will sneak

dairy in there.

You want a really dark chocolate bar (ideally 65% cocoa and up) for your indulgence.

A little too dark for you?

Pair it with a cup of green tea, pomegranate seeds, or coffee with some dairy-free

creamer in there to help sweeten up the taste.

6 Foods You Can’t Miss for Weight Loss

These foods can be paired with either snacks or meals to help you with your weight loss.

Remember to try and choose organic when possible, and always read the label.

Some advertisers say “100% natural” despite the fact that there may be sugar hiding in

your salad in the form of dried cranberries or artificial flavor in your dark chocolate.

Feel great with these six foods for weight loss!


What are your favorite weight loss foods?

What foods would you add to this list?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.