If you’re hungry and have no one to prepare dinner for you and have no spare change in your pocket to afford a satisfying meal, then we have the perfect solution for you. With this post, you will be able to eat like a king and never have to toss a single dime from your wallet ever again.



Here are the coolest hacks to help you bag free (or cheap) food:

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

1.  Supermarket Cashback Apps

Getting cashback for the stuff you buy from select supermarkets is an ideal way for you to get free bites, eventually. That’s where supermarket cashback apps come into play.

Of course, not every one of these apps can give you free food in the end, but even when you’re getting a discount, the savings are phenomenal.

After downloading a supermarket cashback app, you can view any of the offers in it and check their eligibility conditions (which supermarket are part of this app). Then, after buying a product, just scan the receipt (or barcode) and bam – you’ve got cashback.

Even though you’ll get great discounts, you can have the rest of the cost of your product by using that will reward you with referral credits.

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

2.  Become a Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper will not only grant you free food but also pay you for the services you provide. Some restaurants that start from the bottom want to know how they’re doing, so they pay people to act as actual customers to order food and write about the experience. Once you’ve had your meal, you go home and then fill out a brief survey. It’s an easy and tasty task that is too good to ignore.

To do this, just sign up with any of the many mystery shopping sites online. Then pay attention to the shopping boards that list shopping gigs and pick the one you like best. Some of the best get called up as soon as possible.

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

3.  Use Coupons

It will be a miracle for coupons to go out of fashion and the internet offers a barrage of them. You can easily load a couple of them on your phone before going to a store or shopping online, or even use a store loyalty card and then acquire your freebies.

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

4.  Attend Supermarket Openings

Where there’s a brand new supermarket or food shop opening somewhere, there’s sure to be plenty of free samples being handed out. So make sure you’re there for the opening day when you hear any news of it. Doesn’t matter how many of these you attend, free food is free food after all.

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

5.  Barter for Your Food

People appreciate it when someone helps them out with something and then get rewarded for it in the end. That’s right, you can earn your food by bartering your skills and services. You can mow the lawn, wash or repair a car, or do some gardening to get a cake or a decent home-cooked meal.

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

6.  Enter Eating Competitions

Because why not? It’s not for the faint-hearted though, but entering eating contests is one of the easiest and best ways to grab some free food, especially if you just happened to be passing by on an empty stomach.

Often, these events are held for free, which is all the more reason to enter and start munching away. So be on the lookout for posters that advertise eating competitions in your area.

7 Cool Hacks to Score Free (or Cheap) Food

7.  Join Survey Sites

Plenty of survey sites exist which in turn reward participants with gift cards that they can later use to buy food with. Some of those sites include SurveyJunkie, Toluna, Swagbucks,  and OpinionSquare. For example, Snipon includes a number of amazing food surveys like Whataburger or JackListens where you can earn a free Whataburger or 2 tacos respectively. But besides that, Snipon also goes the extra mile in offering a number of other surveys based on retail, store, auto, and travel.


What are your favorite ways to score free or cheap food?

Share your thoughts and comments with us.


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