7 Easy & Effective Ways to Find More Time For Exercise

Do you find it hard to find time to exercise?

I must admit I do.

I am often guilty of putting everything else ahead exercise, especially work.

Did this all too familiar scenario ever happen to you?

When we first decide to start an exercise program we tell everyone we know.

We go out and buy the equipment, videos and the great exercise outfit, and

then our motivation goes right out the window.

Why is it that many people can’t seem to find the desire and the time to keep

going when they start a new exercise program?

When we try and fit in anything new into our lives, we find that maintaining

that “new” is hard to do.

Like with anything you are unfamiliar with, you need to implement it everyday

or it won’t stick.

People are creatures of habit and adding something new to our already established

habits is just plain hard.

So how do we, as creatures of habit, fit something new like exercise into our already

busy lives?

7 Easy & Effective Ways to Find More Time For Exercise

Here are seven ideas you can try to help you make time for your exercise program.

#1. Write it Down

Writing things down makes them more tangible.

When you set a date to exercise put it everywhere –like on your wall calendar,

your business calendar, the cell phone and even email yourself a reminder.

#2. Schedule the Time

If you are finding it hard to exercise, then try going to bed a little later at night

so you can fit your work out routine in the evening.

Or you could do the opposite and go to bed earlier so you can get up earlier

and exercise.

It’s a fact that having an fitness buddy is one of the greatest motivators for

exercising regularly.

So schedule a standing fitness date with a friend!

#3. Replace Other Habits

7 Easy & Effective Ways to Find More Time For Exercise

Exercise is very important to you so need to find the time to do it.

Your schedule may be busy, but there are areas where you can cut back in

order to fit your exercise in every week.

Record your favorite TV shows so you can watch them later.

Now you can use that time to exercise!

Stop texting, tweeting and checking your email and make that time exercise time.

You can surely find an hour out of your busy schedule to fit in exercise, you just

need to prioritize that’s all.

#4. Give Up Something Else

An exercise routine is important and needs to be treated as such.

Give up your after work drink with your friends and head to the gym instead.

Maybe you could even make a pact with them and trade the night out for a night

of exercise and health for all of you.

#5. Do It First Thing in the Morning

Many of my friends who manage to exercise regularly confess that their secret to

success is exercising in the morning before going to work or starting the day.

Whether they go for a run, work out on the treadmill or exercise to a video,

their daily fitness commitment is out of the way before they get busy with the

rest of their day.

#6. Use Your Lunch Hour

7 Easy & Effective Ways to Find More Time For Exercise

As mentioned before, walking on your lunch break is a great way to get your

exercise and you will feel refreshed instead of sluggish when you return back

to work.

Walking during my lunch hour often clears my head on a stressful work day.

If your office or gym offer lunchtime yoga or fitness classes, take advantage of them.

You can even find a few great office chair exercises to do while you are at your

desk working.

Getting a workout while you are at work is not hard to do.

You may find it easier than trying to get it done in your off time.

#7. Walk or Bike to & from Work

If you are lucky enough to work within walking or biking distance from home,

then take advantage of that proximity and walk or bike to work.

Many companies provide bike racks so you can secure your bike safely.

Walking to work is one of my favorite ways to fit in fitness.

Just Do It!

There is always time for exercise in our lives.

We just need to be a little bit more flexible and find ways to make it a habit

like everything else that really matters to us.

Giving up a few non-important things in your schedule in order to exercise will

definitely be worth the effort.

It’s simply a matter of making exercise time, prime time!