Men with sensitive skin have it rather bad. Most of us men can just apply whatever and shave away, just being careful enough to not nick ourselves. Men with sensitive skin have so much more to deal with than just making sure they avoid a nick or two.

Quite often after shaving, men with sensitive skin develop unsightly and painful razor burn. A lot of general use items strip away moisture from the skin which just makes the art of grooming that much more painful in the long run.

To reduce the possibility of incurring the wrath of irritated skin, there are some ways that you can mitigate the side effects of grooming.


“From a gentle cleaner to wash up

with, and an exfoliator to remove any

build up; taking care of your skin

shouldn’t be difficult.”


Start With a Gentle Cleanser

7 Ways Men Can Combat Their Sensitive Skin Struggles

Your face is the foundation for every other grooming technique you will ever use. Everything depends on how clean your face is when it comes to shaving or trimming. Sensitive skin is prone to extreme measures of breakouts and rashes, which can make the simple chore of shaving a painful task. Using a gentle cleanser on your face will help to keep your skin well moisturized, which minimizes a breakout from dry skin.

Washing your face should never dry out sensitive skin. It should get your skin clean without harming it or adding anything to your skin that will later irritate it.

Apply an Exfoliator

7 Ways Men Can Combat Their Sensitive Skin Struggles

Getting the dirt and grime out is easy with a cleanser, but to help get rid of all the dead skin cells the use of an exfoliator is recommended. There are sensitive skin approved variations that will gently remove those dead skin cells and any product build ups you may have. After your exfoliating wash, your skin should feel baby smooth and well nourished, not dry and itchy.

Don’t be fooled, an exfoliator only sounds like an abrasive; they can be quite gentle on your skin and leave it feeling refreshed.

Use a Pre-Shave Oil

7 Ways Men Can Combat Their Sensitive Skin Struggles

When it’s time to trim or shave, a lot by trapping a layer of water close to the skin before you shave. A man, even with sensitive skin, shouldn’t have to compromise between having a baby smooth face after shaving or having a severe case of razor burn. Pre-shave oil shouldn’t be confused with beard oil. A pre-shave oil is meant to keep a portion of water closer to the skin so that it is soft and more pliable, not making your hairs softer or easier to remove.

This is quite helpful when you use a razor to do your shaving. However, using a pre-shave oil can cause clogging and requires men to go a little slower and shave in smaller areas at a time. If you opt for an electric razor, making sure that it can be used as a wet shave becomes a prime concern.

Use a Proper Shaving Cream