8 Reasons Why Hammocks Improve Your Life

Hammocks aren’t just accessories to a relaxing family holiday; they can improve your mental

and physical health as well as help you be a clearer calmer person.

Australian hammock expert compiled this infographic listing out the

health benefits of hammocks.

Health Benefits of Hammocks


Cure insomnia

A study at the University of Geneva in Switzerland found that swaying gently in a hammock

can help with and in many cases cure insomnia.

Sleep deeper

The gentle swing helps the brain reach deeper levels of sleep, making sure that you get the

full benefits of your afternoon nap.

8 Reasons Why Hammocks Improve Your Life

Fall asleep faster

Not only do hammocks make you sleep deeper, they help you fall asleep faster than in a

traditional bed.

Contribute to reducing stress

Napping regularly in a hammock helps you forget about the world’s worries and considerably

reduces stress levels.

8 Reasons Why Hammocks Improve Your Life

Ideal sleeping position

When you lie down in a hammock, your spine aligns perfectly.

When the spine, head and tailbones align during a hang, you will wonder why you ever

sleep  in a regular bed.

Helps cure a sore back

Hammocks have zero pressure points.

The vertebrae, head and tail bones align correctly, and no place of your body has more

pressure than another.

8 Reasons Why Hammocks Improve Your Life

Improves cognition

Regular hammock usage improves brain activity and cognition.

Hammocks are used to treat students with learning disabilities.

Helps with meditation

Swaying in a hammock makes the brainwaves stronger and synchronized, helping you

reach the state of meditation.

8 Reasons Why Hammocks Improve Your Life

Have you experienced the health benefits of using a hammock?

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