8 Super Summer Foods That Taste Good And Are Good for You Too

8 Super Summer Foods That Taste Good And Are Good for You Too

What comes to mind of when you think about the special joys of summer?
When I think about my most satisfying summer pleasures, one of the first things that comes
to mind is the joy of being able to find mounds of fresh-picked, organic fruits and vegetables
at my local farmer’s markets and health food stores.
In fact, each summer, shopping for produce takes on a whole new meaning.
Tantalizing visions of seasonal foods and flavors dance through my head:
*Dark, bite-sized cherries that are better than candy
*Red, ripe, flavorful strawberries for toppings, salads and smoothies
*Sweet, juicy peaches for snacks, cobblers and pies
*Melt in your mouth melons–any way, any time
*Cool cucumbers sliced, diced or pickled
*Tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes in salsas and salads
*Versatile summer squash as raw pastas, steamed or grilled
*Rich, creamy avocados for guacamole and salads
plus many other seasonal delights.
Of course, I’m sure you can easily list your own summer faves.
When I think of all of the delicious dishes I will make, share and savor, I can hardly keep from
smiling in anticipation.
Simple or sumptuous summer salads.
Backyard barbecues and cookouts.
Picnics in the park.
Concerts under the stars.
Feasts at the beach.
From fresh fruit combos to decadent desserts…
If it’s summer fare…
It’s all good!
And when summer’s gone, these are the foods that fill our hearts and minds with fond memories of
mouthwatering meals and magical moments.
8 Super Summer Foods That Are Good for You Plus Great Tasting Recipes Too

Summer memories are made from fresh, organic strawberries like these.

Best of all, not only does this summer bounty satisfy our tastebuds and our souls, but they pack
a powerful nutritional 
punch as well.
Feast your eyes on the handy nutritional guide below:
Courtesy of Health Central and Visual.ly
A Guide to Summer Food

Share your favorite summer fruits and vegetables? What are your favorite ways to eat them?

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