A Few of My Favorite Things: August Link Love

A Few of My Favorite Things: August Link Love

Shake me. I must be dreaming!
It’s the end of August already and I can’t believe how quickly this summer has passed.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great fun, but like most of us, I just don’t want these fun, summer days to end.
But don’t despair, we have a few more weeks before summer is officially over.
So let’s make the most of it.
For starters, here are a few of my favorite entertaining, informative or inspiring finds online this month.
From what to do with all that fresh summer produce to how to make your own natural health and beauty
aids, I’m sure you’ll find something that tickles your fancy or news you can use.

A Few of My Favorite Things: August Link Love


*Not ready for summer to end? I know I’m not. Stretch out on a lounge chair with these
“Two Refreshing Summer Juices ~ The Pinkberry and Raspberry Elixer”.
Sip them and smile. These healthy, refreshing summer drinks will make the season last
a little longer.
*Wondering what to make with that bushel of sweet, juicy peaches you brought home?
You’ve already made peach pie, peach tart, peach smoothies, peach cobbler, right?
Why not preserve the rest to enjoy later? “How to Preserve Peaches without Sugar”
shows you how.
*Still wondering what else to make with those delicious summer peaches?
Vegans and nonvegans will fall in love with this easy to make, dairy-free peach ice cream.
Hopefullly, eating “5-Minute Peach Ice Cream” will help you hold on to the feeling of summer
a little longer.
*Hey chocolate lovers, this one’s for you!
Sure you know that chocolate tastes good, but do you know all the yummy health benefits of
dark chocolate?
Get the sweet details by checking out “Can We Really Eat Chocolate? Things You Should Know”.
*If you are like me, you probably have more juicy, ripe, fresh tomatoes from your garden or farmer’s
market, than you know what to do with.
Why not use them to make this delicious recipe for “Creamy Fire Roasted Tomato Soup.
You’re vegan, no problem? With a few simple vegan ingredient substitutions, this recipe can be
tweaked and enjoyed by vegans and non vegans alike.

Fit & Fab

*It’s time to toss that old mineral oil-based baby oil!
Baby your body–or your baby’s precious skin–in a healthier, more natural way.
Follow this simple step by step guide to make your own “Herbal Infused Baby Oil using only pure and
natural ingredients and essential oils.
*For years I suffered from annoying skin irritations and rashes caused by the underarm deodorants I used.
I wish had seen this simple recipe for Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin” years ago.
*Did you know: Coconut butter is made from whole coconut meat that is ground into a creamy butter.
It’s an excellent source of fiber and manganese and provides a slew of delicious health and beauty benefits.
So what are you waiting for? It’s time to fall in love with the unique pleasures of coconut butter!
Learn how to make your own by reading: “Start Lovin’ Coconut Butter”.
“Butter up” with coconut butter and who knows where  this may lead?
*Have you tried the oil cleansing method yet?
I have been hearing a lot about this skin cleansing method that is only used at night, and now that I’ve
read this article about the oil cleansing method, I am going to try it.
Apparently, while you’re sleeping, your skin regenerates and re-balances from the previous day, so you
actually wake up with clean skin. Sounds good to me.
So, learn “How to Use the Oil Cleansing Method and see what a difference it makes in your skin.

Health & Wellness

*One of my favorite sayings is “you learn something new every day” and that’s just what I found when
I learned some disturbing findings about the protein powders many of us add to our shakes and
smoothies on a regular basis.
Get the facts and weigh them for yourself by reading “3 Ugly Truths About Protein Powders.
*Got a headache or a pain?
You might want to skip the aspirin and sip a cup of White Willow Bark Tea like our great, great
grandparents probably did, instead.
Learn why–and how to make this healing tea–by reading this revealing article:
“White Willow Bark for Headaches and General Aches & Pains”.
*Are you concerned about the dangers of consuming foods containing GMO ingredients?
Want to learn more about the impact of “eating GMO foods” and more importantly how to avoid them?
Then check out “6 Tips for Avoiding GMO Foods” as soon as you possibly can!

Living Green

*The founders of BigGreenPurse.com had a brilliant idea and created the
Big Green Purse “One in a Million Campaign”.
Their premise was simple.
“What if a million women intentionally shift at least $1000 of their existing budget to
environmentally-friendly products, we can have a noticeable ONE BILLION DOLLAR IMPACT
in the marketplace.”
That’s a pretty impressive concept, right?
Want to learn how you can get involved and make a big, green difference too? Read:
“Get More Green Bang for Your Buck: Big Green Purse One in a Million Campaign.


*Longing to improve the quality of your food photography?
Want great tips you can use right away?
Check out Tasty Food Photography Review: What I Learned, Shot by Shot”!
Now let’s see you shoot your best shots!
There were so many more great reads this month, but these were just a few of my
favorites. I hope you find them useful.
Please share some of your “favorite finds”, tips, comments or suggestions with us.
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