Are you wondering what to do with that spare room in your home? Avoid it turning into a storage room filled with things you don’t dare part with, but will never use, and transform it into impressive gust room.

It’s always great to have a spare bedroom in your home for when you invite family and friends over to ensure they have a place to stay. And when you have guests staying the night, you want them to be comfortable and happy with a home away from home.

Looking to transform your guest room into one that is sure to impress? We have some tips for you.



1. Choose a grand bed

One of the first things people notice in a bedroom is the bed. Think about opting for an ottoman bed that offers storage as part of its design. recommends this practical style of bed as some even come with built-in storage (meaning you can still use the room for storing some bits and bobs). Add a statement headboard to make the bed a feature on its own.

A Guest Room That is Sure to Impress

2. Opt for bright white

White décor allows you to dress the room up with striking accessories. The fresh, clean tones also mean that if one day you fancy a change, you can mix up the colours of the accessories for a whole new look. If you’re wanting to make an impression: White walls paired with bed linen in dark tones and gold decorations will make a statement.

A Guest Room That is Sure to Impress

3. Statement walls

If all-white walls aren’t your thing, how about a statement wall? This can be achieved in many ways:

  • One contrasting wall

Achieve this by decorating one wall in a different color or pattern to the rest. A popular design is to have three plain-colour walls painted with one wallpapered with a bold design.

  • Gallery wall

Having a gallery wall is a creative way to decorate the wall. Simply buy a selection of frames in different styles and fill with a range of pictures – these can be family photos, inspirational quotes or fancy prints. A gallery wall is an easy yet effective way to add different colors to a room thanks to the variety of frames.

  • Tapestry

For something a little bit different and unique, hang a tapestry. From textile art to vintage fabrics, a tapestry is a fantastic way to dress up a plain wall (and if you choose to hang it over a rod which is attached to the wall, it can be removed as easily as it was hung up – meaning you can switch the design if you feel the need for a change).


4. Add a snack station

Think about the mini-fridge of a hotel room filled with all of your favorite goodies. Having a little box on a bedside table filled with treats for your guests is set to impress. Add a kettle, some mugs and let them enjoy a brew in the morning without worrying about waking anyone up when they head to the kitchen.

A Guest Room That is Sure to Impress

5. Go big with the decorative embellishments

If you want to make a big impression, think about what decorations you want to feature in the room. For a grand feel, install a chandelier and crystal doorknobs, for a sleek modern vide, have metallic décor. Finish the room off with some scatter cushions and a throw draped off the bed or over the back of a chair.


What are your favorite tips for creating an impressive guest room?

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