Have you heard of medication errors? Well, this has to do with errors from prescription and the dispensing of medicines and the like. Millions of pets are victims of medication errors yearly, even though this can be avoided. Avoiding passivity, as advised in this article, with regards to medical decisions, can help you protect your pet from medication errors. Being informed about the medicines you give your pet, not exclusive of side effects, and sharing your fears added with necessary questions directed at your pharmacist or vet can safeguard your pet from these errors.

Often, these are avoidable occurrences that are the result of incorrect use of medicines. These errors can cause some harm at the very least or something a lot more harmful. An example of medication error is situation where a person takes a drug meant to relieve common cold, which contains paracetamol, and also goes on to take paracetamol to alleviate a nagging headache, therefore, resulting in an overdose.



Knowing the exact effect CBD oil has on your pet could spare it the harm of medication errors. Not knowing this could see you negating the effect of your oil by administering another drug. It could be the other way round where you are complicating your pet’s condition with the equivalent of an overdose. For instance, CBD oil could produce a tranquilizing effect on your pet. Adding a drug that equally does same could then become potentially harmful. This is one reason why consulting your vet before any medication is needful.

Avoiding Medication Errors While Using CBD Oil for Pets

Be Generous with Questions

Because medication errors can happen at any time you drop your guard, you should only give use CBD after you have factored in every other medication. Do not assume that because you are sourcing from a professional, that you wouldn’t need to ask relevant questions.  Your home, vet’s office, pharmacy and any other place where drugs could be prescribed or dispensed is a potential spot for medication error. Ask questions always; do not be economical with your questions – it could well save the life of your pet.

Despite the proven effectiveness of CBD oil, errors could result in poor or detrimental results. These errors could be due to poor communication during any interaction of you with your vet, other vets or/and your pharmacist. Errors could equally come from same-sounding drug names, same-looking drug packs, medical jargons, medical abbreviations and such. Remember, knowledge can make all the difference.

Never shy away from asking for explanations. You may want to see why here. When placing your pet on CBD, while he is on any other medication:

  • Ask about the active component of the new medicine; this should include the generic name.
  • Ask about the exact function of the drug.
  • Ask about length of time it should be used and what results should be observable.
  • Ask about the consequence of an overdose and what should be done in such an eventuality.
  • Ask about food or drinks or other medications and how they interact with the drug and CBD.
  • Ask of side effects and what you should do if observed.

Your vet could have things figured out, but a misreading of his prescription could also lead to error. So, you can request from your vet typed prescriptions to avoid confusion from a handwritten one.



Health as an Overriding Aim

Some other things you can do to limit medication error is to constantly keep a list of medications you give your pet. This should include supplements and herbal medicines. Do not mix up containers; use the original container a drug came with for it. Read through leaflets that came with the drug and as much as possible, avoid patronizing several pharmacists for the same thing. At the pharmacy, always check that you have been given what was prescribed. Do not use old prescriptions repeatedly.

We apply medicines to get better. Your pet is on CBD oil because you desire better health. Your vet is there to advise accordingly. The interactions between all these can bring about better health or worse health despite the fact that each of these factors individually should make health better. As a responsible parent, it is your responsibility to see that how your CBD interacts with other medical interventions and advice from your vet and pharmacy will boost the health of your pet.

Avoiding Medication Errors While Using CBD Oil for Pets

Your Pet Deserves the Best

You should not see your administering CBD oil as an isolated incident. Rather, see the big picture of its being part of a whole medical intervention. Therefore, be quick to register any observation with your vet as you administer any CBD product. At every point your pet is introduced to any drug, find out from your vet how well the new drug goes with your CBD.

If you have cause to change location, resulting in your changing your vet and pharmacist, let the new vet and pharmacist be in the know of the interventions your pet has had; including his use of CBD. Don’t hesitate to bring to their notice drugs that resulted allergic reactions.

CBD will improve the condition of your pet as the folks at can confirm. You just have to give it intelligently to avoid medication error.

Lastly do not forget to keep every medical history including diagnostic and radioactive interventions. By doing all these, you will be eliminating or reducing instances of missing medication, duplicating medication, errors with dose and adverse drug interactions.


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Avoiding Medication Errors While Using CBD Oil for Pets - Knowing the exact effect CBD oil has on your pet could spare it the harm of medication errors. It is your responsibility to see that how CBD interacts with other medical interventions -- as well as advice from your vet and pharmacy -- will impact the health of your pet. #CBD  ##CBDoil  #pet  #petcare  #petCBD  #CBDoilforpets  #pethealth