Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

Skip the baby clothes that the little one will grow out of in a month and stick to these unique

and creative baby shower gifts that are sure to go on her list of favorite items.

From well-deserved pampering to household cleaning services, these out of the norm present

ideas will make your gift the standout at the baby shower.

Some Pampering

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

Her body has been the vessel for a human being for the majority of a year, and gone through

the ringer and back.

Give her the opportunity to regain her body and push out the muscle aches and pains with a

relaxing massage.

Book her an appointment at a local spa resort, or that will allow

her to pick the treatment of her choice.

A Getaway for Mom and Dad

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

Send the mommy and daddy-to-be on a babymoon as a last hurrah before their journey of

parenthood truly begins.

You can band together with other attendees and book a hotel room for them nearby for a

stay-cation (especially important if she’s very close to her due date and shouldn’t be far

from her doctor).

Making it Personal

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

If she’s asked for nursery décor or you know her style, consider personalized that

she can use to decorate.

From customized cozy blankets for the baby’s crib to sentimental keepsake boxes, to nightlights

that will make midnight feedings easy to finagle, customizing a present adds that extra bit of

special that will make your gift meaningful and memorable.

So Fresh and So Clean

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

New moms and dads are often far too exhausted during the first few months of parenthood

to really give their home the attention they would otherwise.

Help her feel refreshed by having a professional team come in and scrub down her home while

she kicks her feet up.

As there are many guests dropping in after the birth of a new baby, she’ll be more than grateful

that her home is presentable without her having to do the cleaning on top of all the new baby duties.

Baby Emergency Bag

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

There’s all sorts of essentials when you’re taking care of an infant, but what parent hasn’t dealt

with the struggle of carting items to and from the car when traveling is necessary?

Instead of having to pack up diapers, wipes, and all the necessities, you can create an emergency

car infant bag for the mom-to-be.

Pack the items that come in handy during a drive, whether it be across town or a state over.

Include infant Tylenol and Motrin, an extra onesie, diapers, a Tide pen, formula, and toys.

A Meal Calendar


Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

Mom and Dad are going to be exhausted for the first few months (as well as for a lifetime, as us

mothers know), and the last thing they’re going to want to do is .

Help them avoid the ease of the drive-thru lines by setting up a meal calendar with family and


Have their loved ones block out dates that they will bring over a meal, and present them with

the calendar so they have a set menu.

Taking care of life’s essentials while they get the hang of parenthood will take a lot of stress off

their shoulders and help them get in the groove without feeling too overwhelmed.

A Home Security System


Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

Take the baby monitor a step further with a home security system that will help new mom

and dad when it’s time to go back to work and leave the little one with a nanny or babysitter.

A Nest camera system can be accessed from anywhere with Wi-Fi, meaning the worried parents

can check in on their little one, or feel safe in their home with a beefed up security system.

The Registry

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love

This might surprise you, but many people often forgo the registry much to the chagrin of the

new parents.

They’ve added items that they really need and want, so if you don’t have a specific personalized

item in mind that you know they’d get great use from, your best bet is to stick to the registry.

While you might think a “My First Christmas” ornament for the baby is a sweet gift, in two

months the new mom is going to be throwing her arms up and wishing a shower guest had

heeded her request for diaper pale liners.

Baby Shower Gifts She Will Love
Congratulate the mom-to-be with gifts that she’ll adore, and use this list to get your

shopping started.


Congratulate the mom-to-be with gifts that she’ll adore, and use this list to get your shopping started. #baby #giftguide #mom

What are your favorite unique and creative baby shower gifts to give or to receive?

Share your thought and comments with us.


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