Hair loss is a common problem among old people but this doesn’t mean that young ones can’t have this problem, too. Hair loss can be a result of old age, heredity, or medical conditions.

A bald spot is a kind of hair loss problem that leaves people with patches of skin without any hair. Most of the time, it looks uncomfortable to have a patch on your head. Good thing, there are you can use.


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What Causes a Bald Spot?

A bald spot is also called . This refers to having patches of skin where there is no hair even if the surrounding areas have hair. It is a manifestation of autoimmune disease where the body’s own cells attack the hair follicles. Most of the time, you will notice bald spots on the scalp.

One cause of bald spots is genes. Those who have bald spots often have one member in the family who has this kind of problem, too. Another cause is hormonal changes. Women who are going through hormonal changes can experience bald spots. Sometimes, this is in the form of falling hair.

Bald Spot on Top? Use a Hair Crown Topper!

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Hair Toppers for Your Bald Spots

What are crown toppers? These are artificial hairs that mimic the appearance of real hair. But it’s different from a wig because a wig only has the hair strands. This works by having a matrix made of silk that acts as your scalp. This is where natural hairs are inserted one by one. Having each hair inserted into the matrix makes it look a lot like your real scalp.

The trick here is to have the same shade as your hair and have the matrix shape your head perfectly. Also, it’s better to use less hair if you can.

A hair crown topper is one of the quickest solutions for you to get a better-looking scalp. This is because bald spots can affect your self-esteem. Face it, having a bald spot right in the middle of your head is not exactly pretty. So if you are having a problem with your natural hair, a crown topper could be a solution for you.

Bald Spot on Top? Use a Hair Crown Topper!

Hair Toppers vs. Wigs

When it comes to having artificial hair placed, the question of hair toppers or wigs always comes to mind. Although hair toppers are great products in itself, it’s not always the best choice when it comes to your hair condition. Here are a few things to consider:

1.Partial hair loss or total hair loss

Hair toppers are meant for covering bald spots. So if you’re a guy who has a bald spot somewhere on your scalp, then a hair topper is highly recommended. For women, this product works if you have thinning hair or falling hair. On the other hand, if you have total hair loss caused by chemotherapy or alopecia, then a wig is a more suitable choice. A wig can give full coverage that a hair topper can’t.

2.Clipped on natural hair or a synthetic grip

Some people aren’t comfortable with clipping artificial hair on their natural hair. Although some would argue that this does minimal damage to existing hair, some people’s hair strands are easily breakable so it’s best to shy away from clipped-on hair toppers and instead choose a wig that has a cap placed on your scalp. But if you think that your hair can withstand clip-ons, then a hair topper is better.

3.To add volume or to change hairstyle

And finally, you have to know if you want to just add volume to your current hairstyle or you want to change it altogether. If it’s the former, then a hair topper is the best choice. It has extra hair that can pump up flat and lifeless natural hair. It’s also a great way to add more gloss and color to dull and limp hair.

Bald Spot on Top? Use a Hair Crown Topper!

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Customize Your Own Hair Topper

Hair crown toppers don’t have to be boring. They aren’t silk matrices that have the same color and length of hair attached. Instead, you can always customize it as you want. For example, if you have pink hair, you can choose a hair crown topper with the right pink dye. You can also get toppers with different lengths and styles.

You shouldn’t also worry about it looking fake. In fact, a lot of men and women say that a hair topper feels very natural. Some even forget that they have an artificial scalp. Thanks to the lightness of the silk, your real scalp won’t feel heavy and sticky.

It’s recommended that you take advantage of customizing your hair topper. Look for hair that is silky and smooth so that it vamps up your whole hairstyle. With this, you can enjoy beautiful hair that feels soft to the touch.


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Bald Spot on Top? Use a Hair Crown Topper! - A bald spot is a kind of hair loss problem that leaves people with patches of skin without any hair. Good thing, there are crown toppers you can use. Here's what you need to know to choose and use a hair crown topper.  #haircrowntopper     #crowntopper   #hairloss  #baldspot  #hairpiece