Consumer interest in CBD products has skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic. Less than a month after the pandemic erupted in the United States, CBDsales exploded in manyparts of the country.

It is easy to see why so many people are exploring the benefits of these products during this unprecedented crisis. The COVID-19 crisis has created unbelievable hardship for countless Americans. The physical symptoms of the disease are only part of the crisis. The pandemic has also created substantial economic concerns andemotional suffering.

While the desire to combat the physical and mental anguish caused by the pandemic is understandable, skeptics still wonder whether CBD products are actually beneficial. Fortunately, there is ample evidence that CBD can help curb the problems caused by the pandemic. Companies like CBDStudy help consumers buy the right CBD products.



Can CBD Help With COVID-19 Anxiety? 

Potential advantages of using CBD

Some of the reasons to consider using CBD products during the COVID-19 outbreak are listed below.

*CBD might take the edge off of COVID-19 symptoms

One working paper suggests that CBD can minimize the symptoms of COVID-19 infectionsby modulating levels of the ACE2enzyme. This paper was published in Preprints.organd was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

This paper has not been peer reviewed yet, so additional follow-up studies are needed to confirm the claims. However, the findings are promising and are supported by theories of other academics. Dr. Kovalchuck, one of the authors of the study, said that cannabinoids reduce the pathways to exposure in the body by around 70%, which minimizes the spread of the infection through an infected individual.

Can CBD Help With COVID-19 Anxiety? 

*Boosting The immune system

Experts are still trying to determine the exact impact that CBD has on the immune system.Since CBD was categorized as a prohibited substance prior to the 2018 Farm Bill, many medical researchers were reluctant to study its effects on the human body.

However, the limited research conducted so far does support claims that CBD appears to help stimulate the the immune system. The exact reasons are still unclear, but it appears thatthe anti-inflammatory properties of CBD come in to play.There is some evidence that CBD reduces inflammation, which could have significantbenefits for patients trying to fight off other infections.

The immunity benefits of CBD might not be strong enough to fight off a COVID-19 infection. However, they could have other significant benefits that will be important during the pandemic:

  • People are still prone to getting colds, allergies and other illnesses.The anxiety over the coronavirus has made many people worried every time they get sick with even mild infections that mimic the symptoms of the virus. They will be less likely to contract these other illnesses if they have a strong immune system, which will make them less likely to think that they have contracted COVID-19.
  • People have to go to their healthcare provider if they have severe enough symptoms of another illness. Unfortunately, healthcare provider offices can be a hotbed for COVID-19 infections. People will be less likely to get sick enough to go to the doctor if they keep their immune system strong, which reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 there.

Although the exact benefits of CBD products on the immune system are still being researched, it seems evident that it will at least help with the proceeding issues to some degree.

Can CBD Help With COVID-19 Anxiety? 

Addressing sleep disorders

COVID-19 has created a lot of anxiety for people for various reasons. They are worried about their jobs, the health of vulnerable loved ones and the terrifying possibility of getting infected with COVID-19.

One of the consequences of the anxiety it has instilled is an increased prevalence of sleep disorders. Health experts have found that around 20% of Americans currently suffer from insomnia as a result of the pandemic.

This is an often overlooked, yet important benefit of CBD. Most health experts agree that CBD seems to provide some benefits to people with sleeping issues.

Patients will experience better results with CBD than with marijuana. Some research has shown that marijuana can be beneficial in the short-term, but creates long-term issues by impairing REM sleep. This is due to the effects of THC. However, CBD products have far less THC, so they don’t appear to have these long-term issues. Instead, they merely help promote relaxation needed to initiate and maintain sleep.



Minimizing the symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety disorders can be very uncomfortable. They have also become a lot more common during the COVID-19 crisis.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons that people are using CBD products during the pandemic.CBD has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, which is important during such challenging times.

Can CBD Help With COVID-19 Anxiety? 

Tips to use CBD to manage stress during the pandemic

There are a number of benefits of using CBD to manage stress during the pandemic. However, the degree of benefit is correlated with the effectiveness of use. Here are some guidelines for using CBD to take the edge off.

*Start with a low-dose and increase it gradually

The most important part about using CBD is finding the right dose. You should generally start with a low dose between 2 mg and 5 mg a day. You can gradually increase your dose by 5 mg a day until you reach your target therapeutic level.

Can CBD Help With COVID-19 Anxiety? 

*Carefully compare manufacturers before making a purchase

There are hundreds of CBD suppliers in the United States. Some of them are known to produce high-quality CBD products, while others sell products that are ineffective or potentially unsafe.

You should carefully review your options first. There are a number of unbiased sites that can help. These include Healthline, CBDInsider, American Marijuana and Cannal Insider. Pay close attention to reviews from both analysts and consumers.

*Always look at the certificate of analysis

All regulated CBD suppliers should have a Certificate of Analysis of all of their products. This certificate has information about the level of cannabinoids, toxins and other components in their CBD products.The document will also list the THC content, which is especially important.

Can CBD Help With COVID-19 Anxiety? 

Choose the best CBD products for your specific needs

Determining the quality of a CBD manufacture is only the first step. You also need to evaluate the specific benefits of individual products that they carry. Some products are excellent for treating some conditions, but not very effectiveat alleviating symptoms of others. For example, CBD creams might be the most effective for treating surface level pain, while CBD oils might be better for managing anxiety and depression. Some CBD products are known for their taste, but don’t have the same therapeutic properties as their blender counterparts. Some lines of CBD oil are excellent for promoting relaxation and treating anxiety, well others are better for managing pain. You have to analyze the benefits carefully before making a purchase.


Have you or loved ones suffered from stress related to the pandemic?

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