Yes, April 22 is Earth Day, but what we do every day is what really makes a cumulative


Launched in 1970, Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22.

From New York to New Dehli, Earth Day events are held worldwide to demonstrate support

for our planet and to advocate for environmental action and protection.

Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than

192 countries.

The inspirational lyrics to the Earth Day Anthem below help to convey the spirit of Earth Day:

“Joyful joyful we adore our Earth in all its wonderment
Simple gifts of nature that all join into a paradise
Now we must resolve to protect her
Show her our love throughout all time
With our gentle hand and touch
We make our home a newborn world
Now we must resolve to protect her
Show her our love throughout all time
With our gentle hand and touch
We make our home a newborn world.”

Each year, Earth Day events and campaigns help to raise environmental awareness, spur activism,

support green education, the green cities movement and inspire more than a “billion acts of green”

worldwide throughout the year.

By now, most of us are aware of the fact that our environment faces a multitude of critical challenges.

From climate change to species extinction, the earth and its inhabitants are continually facing

man-made threats that must be dealt with now.

Earth Day Network has initiated numerous, targeted campaigns to help us work toward a

sustainable future as well as an Ecological Footprint quiz to help us assess and reduce our individual

footprint by taking the right steps to make a difference.

According to Earth Day Network:

“Humans are consuming natural resources at an alarming rate.

For the past couple of decades we have consumed more resources

annually than the Earth can replenish.

Today humans consume the equivalent of 1.5 planets’ worth of resources

every year and, unless something changes, we are expected to

consume 2 planets’ worth of resources by 2050!

If we don’t act now to reduce this unsustainable behavior,

we will cripple the planet and threaten the

living conditions of future generations.”

Did you know that:

*Nearly half of the greenhouse gas emissions in the US come from the energy we use to power our

homes and our cars.

*Billions of kilowatt hours of electricity in homes are wasted by appliances that aren’t on but are still

consuming energy each year.

*The average water heater wastes energy heating water to temperatures that are too hot for human use

*Every year, thousands of old electronic devices are thrown into landfills, polluting the environment,

when they can be recycled.

*Automobiles are one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions in the world.

*The meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

Many of us want to know how to get started–which basic steps we can take to live greener, healthier,

save energy, reduce carbon emissions, conserve resources, protect the planet and also save money.

So let’s keep it simple.

Let’s start where we live.

Here are 21 easy-to-implement steps to help you live greener–and also save some green–

on a daily basis.

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

#1. Reduce Water Usage

Reduce your water usage – and your water bill.

Time your showers.

Turn off the faucet when you are brushing your teeth or scrubbing dishes.

Install aerators on your faucets and, if your budget permits, low-flow shower heads and toilets.

If possible, set up a rain barrel to have free water available for plants and other non-drinking


#2. Watch How You Wash

When you wash dishes, don’t leave the water running while you scrub the dishes.

Put dirty dishes into a sink or dishpan full of soapy water, scrub them, then dip them into a sink

or tub of rinse water.

If you are concerned about germs, boil a couple of cups of water in the microwave and pour

the hot water over the rinsed dishes to sterilize them (the hot dishes will dry faster too).

#3. Flush Less Often

Don’t flush the toilet after every visit.

Liquid waste does not have to be flushed away each time.

Every flush uses about 1.6 gallons of water.

So each time you refrain from flushing, you’re saving 1.6 gallons.

That can add up over the course of the month.

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

#4. Choose Organic

Organic food is preferable to conventionally-grown food.

Organic food is grown in a sustainable manner, making it a much greener choice.

#5. Buy Seasonal, Local Food

Local food means the food travels fewer miles to get to your plate or store.

Fewer miles mean fewer emissions and less fossil fuel.

This is eco-friendly because it reduces “food miles,” thus saving fuel.

It saves you money because seasonal, local produce takes less effort to grow and to transport.

(You have to pay for a lot of extra energy if you’re buying hot-house tomatoes in the middle

of January.)

So, eat local food whenever you can.

#6. Support Local Businesses

Once again, imported items use a lot of fuel.

Try to buy whatever you can from local producers, craftspeople, and so forth.

#7. Combine Shopping Trips

This will save fuel – you buy less of it, and fewer emissions go into the atmosphere.

#8. Use Less Packaging

Excessive packaging makes food more expensive and generates lots of waste.

Save yourself some money and increase your health by eating whole, fresh foods instead.

You can buy nuts, grains, beans and seeds from bulk bins.

Say no to plastic shopping bags and food storage bags.

Carry your own cloth produce bags and shopping totes.

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

#9. Streamline your Recycling

Most of us recycle, but you may not be recycling everything you could be.

Effective recycling goes beyond just glass, plastic, paper and metal.

For example, don’t toss out old electronics.

See if they can be donated, refurbished, or recycled. Old appliances can be donated to a

second-hand store.

#10. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse.

This is such a basic principle but it saves so much money and prevents so much waste.

Learn to make tote bags, scarves, blankets, pillow shams, and other basic items out of used

or torn clothing.

You can even cut up old t-shirts for rags, thus reducing your use of paper towels.

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

#11. Use LEDs or CFLs

Use LED or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) instead of incandescent bulbs.

These really do cut down on your energy use. Don’t forget outdoor lighting.

Use energy-efficient floodlights if you have them, and use solar lights for your steps

and driveway.

#12. Turn Them Off

Turn lights off when you leave a room.

Turn off appliances when you aren’t using them.

Conserving electricity definitely saves you money.

And when you use less of it, that means less fossil fuel is used to produce it.

#13. Unplug

Unplug appliances and electronics so that they do not charge up all the time.

This includes laptop and cell phone adaptors.

#14. Recharge

Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones.

Turn lights off when you leave a room.

#15. Be Efficient

Augment your household heat with space heaters and other energy-efficient heating.

#16. Get with the Program

Install a programmable thermostat.

It is much more precise regarding temperature setting, and you don’t have to worry

about forgetting to turn the heating down when you leave the house or go to bed.

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

#17. Go with the Glow

Install curtains and blinds that you can open to let the sunshine in on cold, sunny days.

Then close them at night to keep cold air out.

#18. Insulate

Insulate your home and use weather stripping on your doors and windows.

#19. Minimize A/C

Use fans and open windows instead of air conditioning

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

#20. Drive Less

Walk, bike or use public transportation as often as possible.

It’s better for your health and for the environment.

20. Carpool or take public transport to work or school whenever you can.

You can even carpool with your neighbors or family for errand running.

#21. Maintain your Vehicle

It gets expensive to drive a poorly-maintained car; it uses more oil and gas.

Spending a little to keep it in top shape is better for the environment and will save you

money in the long run.

Make sure your tires are inflated according to your car manufacturer’s instructions, too.

This extends the life of your tires and increases the fuel efficiency of your car.

Of course, these are just a few relatively easy ways to live greener and save green as well.

One of the best things about being eco-friendly and saving money is that the two principles

go hand-in-hand.

Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily

Make a commitment to integrate these and other green living tips into your lifestyle and

you’ll benefit by living like it’s #Earth Day everyday–not just once a year!

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What green steps will you take in your world this week?

How will you honor the spirit of Earth Day in your life?

Share your thoughts and comments with us. 



Celebrate #Earth Day Everyday: 21 Ways to Go Green & Save Green Daily - Yes, April 22 is Earth Day, but what we do every day is what really makes a cumulative difference.Here are 21 ways to go green and save green everyday. #green #goinggreen #earthday #greenliving #ecofriendly #ecofriendlylifestyle #earthfriendly #greenhome #recycled   #earthday  #earthday2020 #climatechange #climateaction  #savetheplanet  #savetheearth #sustainable #sustainability #sustainableliving 



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