Facebook is an important tool for Marketing Executives today. As the leading social media platform with 1.71 billion active monthly users globally, Facebook marketing could have a significant impact on traffic, sales and awareness for your site or business.

Facebook targets people by their identity, which includes their demographics, interests and a lot of other factors. To succeed in #Facebook #advertising, go the extra mile in understanding and defining your target audience. Click To Tweet

Try these tricks to enrich your marketing experiences!

Facebook Marketing for Dummies: A Guide for Businesses

Facebook Targeting

An important part of Facebook marketing is to target the correct audience. If you’re a company selling adult-female-oriented novels, you wouldn’t market to preteen boys. So, during this process, think about the demographic your product or service serves. 

Factors to consider are: 

  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Life Events
  • Location
  • Career


Offers on Facebook

A fun way to use a Facebook Business page is to have special offers for customers. Businesses can choose to run contests or offer limited time discounts or price promotions. Not only that, businesses can offer a free eBook, consultation, or trial, or they can advertise and run events via Facebook.

Facebook Ad

Facebook Ads can be very beneficial to businesses if done right. The header should be conversational and benefits driven, and the picture should stand out with a human face that emphasizes emotion and includes text. Under the photograph, there should be a clear caption to explain the ad further, and you should insert the appropriate link under the “Learn More” tab.

Facebook Marketing for Dummies: A Guide for Businesses
Ad Formats

There are many Facebook Ad formats including: 

  • Image: An image should utilize color and relate to your audience. 
  • Carousel: A carousel lists available products, blog posts, or a story – anything in a sequence, really. 
  • Video: These videos should be attractive, attention grabbing, and less than ninety seconds. Facebook videos should be easy to understand even if the viewer doesn’t left their device on mute as most viewers view Facebook content without sound. 


Power Words for Ad Copy

Certain words are more powerful for ad copy. Just a few of these “power words” are: free, you, because, instantly, new, now, numbers, secret, and how to. 

Facebook Marketing for Dummies: A Guide for Businesses
Campaign Objective

Businesses can have several different objectives of Facebook Marketing: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversation


Facebook Ad Tools

Don’t forget Facebook has a host of special tools to help marketers spread their message. Just three of these tools are the Power Editor that helps your create and manage ads, Audience Insights that gather information about your audience, and Knowledge Graph that helps you learn more about the interests of your target audiences.
Read the helpful infographic below for more Facebook marketing and advertising tips.
 Facebook Marketing for Dummies: A Guide for Businesses: Facebook is an important tool for Marketing Executives today. As the leading social media platform on the global scale, Facebook marketing could make a significant impact on sales for your small business. #facebook #socialmedia #facbookadvertising #facebookmarketing #advertising #marketing #business
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