Foods That’ll Fill You Up And Keep You Healthy
Holding the pangs of hunger at bay is one of the hardest aspects of dieting.

You can spend the day eating really well, but if your self-discipline starts to waver,

you could find yourself delving into the biscuit tin or crisp cupboard at 10 o’clock

in the evening.

Although food’s included in most diet menus are healthy, they aren’t always the most filling.

However, these five foods are packed full of nutrients and will ensure you are full and satisfied

after enjoying a thoroughly healthy meal.


Foods That’ll Fill You Up And Keep You Healthy
These brilliant little pulses can be found on the tinned shelf of any supermarket

or corner shop.

Chickpeas are very low in saturated fats and are a great source of natural protein.

They are also an incredibly versatile ingredient; perfect in curries, stews, blitzed into

dips and warm in salads.

Fry some chopped onion and garlic gently in some sunflower oil.

Drain a can of chickpeas and add to the pan with a sprinkle of ground cumin or

garam masala.

Cook for ten minutes, then add some chopped fresh tomatoes and a squirt of tomato


Finish off with some chopped parsley and some seasoning, and you have a delicious

alternative to baked beans.


Foods That’ll Fill You Up And Keep You Healthy
The humble egg is a vital ingredient in any dietary schedule, providing a quick meal

packed with protein and vitamins.

Frying or scrambling your eggs isn’t the healthiest option, so stick to boiled and poached.

Poaching an egg can be tricky business, so why not give this little hack a go.