Fruit is wonderful. It tastes delicious and is good for your health regardless of how you choose to eat it. Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive to buy. Over the past few years, the cost of fruit has risen sharply in most parts of the world.

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Fortunately, there is a solution. All you need to do is to grow your own. Something that is surprisingly easy to do, even if you have a small garden. Once established, most fruit trees require very little look after. They will bear fruit for decades to come. Planting fruit trees in the garden is a great investment and as you will see there are plenty of options for those of you who do not have much space.
Growing Fruit in a Small Garden

Urban fruit trees

Firms like tend to stock a big range of urban fruit trees. These compact plants can even be grown in pots. So, if you only have a patio or balcony you can still grow your own apples and other types of fruit. The Blushing Delight variety is a particularly good choice for those who do not have a lot of space. Every year, you will get a big harvest of large apples that grow all the way up the single straight stem.
Growing Fruit in a Small Garden

Grow fruit against a wall

If you do not fancy that style of fruit tree, do not worry because there are ways to grow larger varieties in small gardens. One of the best approaches is to train your apple or pear tree to grow up against a fence or wall. The correct term for this way of growing is Espalier training. You can find out more about what varieties can be used to grow in this way by .
Potentially, you can also put up trellis work or a fence in other parts of your garden and grow fruit trees up against those too. This is also a very attractive way to screen off one section of your garden from the rest.
Growing Fruit in a Small Garden

Plant a fruity arbor

Some varieties of fruit will happily climb and cover an arbor. Grapes and kiwi are two examples that can be grown in this way provided you live in a hot enough area.
Tap into the power of grafting.
If you learn how to graft you can grow one, sometimes more, types of fruit on a single tree. This is a particularly good way to grow a variety of citrus trees in a small garden. Or, if you prefer you could grow peaches, plums, and cherries using just one rootstock.
Growing Fruit in a Small Garden

Grow soft fruits

Soft fruits mostly grow on small plants, canes, and bushes. So, they do not take up very much space, which makes them an ideal option for a small garden.
Share your harvest with friends and family.
Growing Fruit in a Small Garden
Only having space for one tree and a few soft fruit bushes does not mean that you cannot enjoy a variety of homegrown fruits. Often, your friends and neighbors will happily share their harvest with you, especially if you share yours. You will also find this to be the case if you join a local gardening club or growing co-operative.
Have you planted, or considered planting, fruit trees?
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Growing Fruit in a Small Garden: If you are interested in growing fruit but have a small space, consider growing fruit trees. Once established, most fruit trees require very little look after. They will bear fruit for decades to come. #fruit #fruittrees #garden #gardening