I’ve had a unibrow as long as I remember. No matter what I would do, the unibrow would be there. I plucked it, and then (I swear to God) like an hour later the thing would appear. I’d think: “oh, that’s just the lighting” or “I’m in the shade” or “maybe I just missed it” but no, the unibrow was back. I don’t want to sound too crazy here, but if hair could laugh, it definitely would chuckle at me.

I don’t want to make it sound like all I did for the first 24 years of my life was think about my unibrow. I definitely had a life and everything. It was never bad enough for me to get constantly made fun of or something in high school. But just about every day I wondered: “is this how it starts? Is this the day I finally get all those unibrow comments?” Now, as an adult with adult money, I decided to do something about it.

I searched for “laser hair removal near me” and found Divante MedSpa. I’d read up on getting rid of unwanted hair with lasers, and I saw that this place had a great track record. I originally thought “removing hair with lasers” meant they shot a bunch of lasers at your face until they disappeared, like a version of that scene from the first “Resident Evil” movie except instead of getting hurt it made you hotter. It’s actually much simpler than that, just a fairly routine procedure.

I decided I had my last summer with a unibrow, and went into Divante MedSpa for , hoping that I wouldn’t walk out with one.


“After laser hair removal,

instead of always worrying “oh geez

is this person noticing my unibrow”

I just went on with my life.”



Laser Hair Removal at Divante

Everyone was so nice inside. I think I came off a bit more nervous than I intended. You ever do that thing where you smile too much and end every sentence with “I’m sorry” even though you’re saying stuff like “I’d like to go to the bathroom, I’m sorry?” That’s what this was. Everyone was super, super nice.

The procedure was so easy. I barely realized it happened. I went in, I sat down, I laid back… and it was over. It took me longer to type that “…” than it did for the procedure to take place. It was so short, that I thought “they couldn’t have gotten rid of my unibrow.” Amazingly, they did. Those lasers (blessed be their names) got rid of my unibrow.

Hair Plucking with Extreme Prejudice: Laser Hair Removal  

The First Time I Looked in the Mirror

I thought for sure the unibrow would come back. Somehow, it would be stronger than ever, like “Miss Me?” would be carved into it or something. But no! The unibrow was gone. I rubbed my forehead a few times just to make sure that it was really gone.

It felt like those scenes in a movie when someone finds a real gold nugget that’s been painted over, and they keep rubbing the paint off to see the gold beneath. That’s what this was. Rubbing my forehead and NOT feeling that hair was incredible. I think I could’ve kept doing it for days.

Hair Plucking with Extreme Prejudice: Laser Hair Removal  

The Self Esteem Boost

I had read a lot online about what the “self-esteem boost” would be from having my hair removed by a laser. I thought it was ridiculous, like “Self Esteem Boost” was something I could consume or a power-up from a video game or something. But it’s so real! I felt SO much better, just going through my life.

Like, instead of always worrying “oh geez is this person noticing my unibrow” I just went on with my life. I found I could focus on stuff like, well, anything. At work, I can make eye contact without being conscious of the unibrow. When I go out, and someone’s looking me in the eyes, I know that they’re only looking me in the eyes. It’s genuinely great.

Hair Plucking with Extreme Prejudice: Laser Hair Removal  

The Touch-Up and Beyond

I didn’t want to write this up until I had gone through a “touch-up.” At Divante, they recommend that you get one once or twice a year, just to make sure that the unibrow doesn’t come back. I thought that was a low number as if it had to be touched up more than that. Not at all, though.

The super-helpful folks at Divante told me that I didn’t need to get it touched up more than that. So, to recap: my unibrow was a problem since I was little. Nothing stopped it. I walked into Divante and they got rid of it fast. Then, all I have to do to keep it away forever is to just stop by once or, at most, twice a year.


I can’t recommend these folks enough. You should check them out for yourself at (818) 334-4737.


Have you tried laser hair removal?

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