The now well-known Wuhan outbreak of December 2019 took the world by storm and affected the lives of billions worldwide. In January 2020, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern and declared a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

The pandemic caused global social and economic disruptions and led to the postponement of various events, including sports, cultural, and religious events. It caused authorities worldwide to implement lockdowns, travel restrictions, facility closures, and workplace hazard controls. As of April 17, 2020, more than 96% of nations worldwide have implemented travel restrictions, which had a significant impact on tourism.

As a flourishing industry, cannabis tourism took a significant hit and now clings to ropes, recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, at the time of writing, most countries have lifted their travel bans, and cannabis tourism resumes its rapid growth. As more and more countries legalize the herb, some are rethinking their tourism strategies and are now investing in cannabis tourism to appeal and attract tourists.



In this article, we’ll cover top post-COVID travel destinations for cannabis tourism that are definitely worth visiting. We will provide you with all the necessary information, enabling you to take appropriate precautions and both stay safe and have a high time.

How Did Coronavirus Change Cannabis Tourism?

Top Post-COVID Travel Destinations for Cannabis Tourism:

To comprise this list, we crossed referenced all the places that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana, with the lowest number of COVID-19 cases. As a result, we came up with a list of places that allow you to indulge in your favorite [medical] herb and stay healthy at the same time.

THC is notoriously difficult to flush out of your system, and it would help if you remembered that by the end of your travels. Be sure to learn about how long can weed in your body, as you might be tested for THC once you get back at work. In the meantime, check out our list of top post-COVID travel destinations:



The weed capital of Europe instituted safety measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus, which includes social distancing, and wearing a non-medical face mask in public, crowded places. Luckily, the famous coffeeshops of Amsterdam that feature cannabis products are now open, taking up to 30 people. Outdoor seating areas are also accessible, without any specific restrictions. Apart from weed-related touristic attractions, you can now visit cinemas, theaters, museums, and heritage sites, though you might want to visit a coffeeshop first.

How Did Coronavirus Change Cannabis Tourism?


If you like you joint with a dab of Caribbean Sea shorelines and a smidge of dense jungle areas, we recommend that you visit Belize. This Central American country decriminalized marijuana for up to 10 grams. However, you can only smoke it indoors in your home or someone else’s house with your host’s permission. Unfortunately, despite the country’s low number of reported cases, its borders stay closed to tourists. This harms Belize’s economy, and the country will have to lift the travel ban. Once it does, you’ll be able to consume weed just before visiting some of the Mayan ruins.



The officials of Lao People’s Democratic Republic are lifting lockdown and travel restrictions in the upcoming days. The country had only 19 reported cases with 0 fatalities and is now opening its restaurants and service businesses. It’s definitely worth a visit if you like French colonial architecture, Buddhist monasteries, and hill tribe settlements.  Cannabis is widely available in Laos, despite its illegal status. It’s openly sold in some businesses, while restaurants offer “happy” menus that feature food infused with cannabis oil. The capital is especially open towards cannabis and mushrooms, making it an attractive destination for alternative medicine lovers. Even so, caution is advised, as public use is punishable by 12 months in prison. There’s some hearsay about quickly getting off the hook by greasing up some palms.

How Did Coronavirus Change Cannabis Tourism?


Just like Laos, Siem Reap in Cambodia also offers happy menus and edibles, most notably, happy pizzas. Despite being officially illegal, cannabis is traditionally used as a food ingredient, and the police doesn’t harass cannabis users. Other than weed, Cambodia has a massive stone temple complex of Angkor Wat that initially placed it on a world’s map for tourists. It’s worth visiting, and you can load on some cannabinoids before starting your tour.



Probably the most famous and luxurious among Croatian Islands, Hvar is especially popular among celebrities, thanks to its fantastic beaches and an active nightlife. Even afterparties have afterparties on this island.  Medical marijuana was legalized in 2015, and possession of smaller quantities is decriminalized. However, public use, growing, and selling are still punishable, and getting caught can burn a hole in your pocket. Luckily, the locals and islanders have a different attitude towards weed, and will gladly help you find some if you ask them politely. Croatia opened its borders for tourists, who will have to adhere to the safety rules imposed by the government.

How Did Coronavirus Change Cannabis Tourism?


Jamaica is well-known for its cultural and religious connections with cannabis. The country suffered only ten fatal cases of coronavirus disease, and it’s now opening its borders to tourists. Still, authorities urge visitors to practice social distancing and wear masks to reduce the risk of infection.


Cannabis tourism in the USA

As of May 2020, the US had most death cases caused by COVID-19 in the world, and their cannabis-tourism-driven market took a pretty bad hit. Stay-at-home orders made ganjapreneurs rethink their business strategies, and appeal to local customers instead of tourists, as Jonathan from told us.

So, cannabis retailers focused more on online sales, ordering, and delivery, offering discounts and loyalty programs to locals, moving cannabis tourism to the back seat. Tourism-reliant markets are now focusing more on local customers, building a strong and lasting local market. The economy took a significant hit, as tourism remains the most reliable driver of business; however, it’s expected to grow further once things go back to normal. For now, the borders remain shut to all foreign travelers.




Cannabis-friendly tourism destinations across the world took a pretty significant hit, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, with the lockdowns now ceasing, and borders opening, you can visit some of the weed-enthusiastic destinations from this list. Just remember to adhere to local safety rules, wear a face mask, and wash your hands before each joint.


Do you have plans to travel to cannabis-friendly tourism destinations?

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How Did Coronavirus Change Cannabis Tourism? -  Cannabis-friendly tourism destinations across the world took a pretty significant hit, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This article covers top post-COVID travel destinations for cannabis tourism that are definitely worth visiting including the necessary information to take appropriate precautions and stay safe. #coronavirus  #cannabis  #travel  #cannabistourism  #cannabisfriendlytourism  #tourism  #COVID-19   #pandemic