How to Clean Green: DIY Lemon Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser

Have you ever noticed how irritating many name-brand cleaning supplies are?

Many of us ignore those harsh irritants and happily spray away without realizing that

some of the ingredients in these cleaners are potentially-harmful.

Did you know that a nubmer of ingredients have been linked to asthma, allergies

chemical burns, poisonings and even cancer.

Some cleaning supplies are so harmful that the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

conducted extensive research and developed a “Guide to Healthy Cleaning to help

us make safer choices about which household cleaning products we  use in our homes.

According to the EWG:

“Environmental Working Group’s investigation of more than 2,000 cleaning supplies

on the American market has found that many contain substances linked to serious

health problems.

EWG concludes that:

Fumes from some cleaning products may induce asthma in otherwise healthy individuals.

A large and growing body of evidence links frequent use of many ordinary cleaning supplies

at home or on the job with development of asthma and other respiratory problems.

It is already known that cleaning product fumes may trigger attacks in persons previously

diagnosed with asthma.

Common cleaning ingredients can be laced with the carcinogenic impurity 1,4-dioxane.

Independent tests have detected the presence of 1,4-dioxane in numerous name-brand

cleaning supplies.  

Other products contain preservatives that release low levels of cancer-causing formaldehyde.

Children born to women who held cleaning jobs while pregnant have an elevated risk of birth

defects, according to a 2010 study by the New York State Department of Health.

Some cleaners can cause chemical burns and poisonings as well as less severe irritations

and allergies.

Severe physical reactions signal that consumers should take care anytime they use

these products.

Despite these health concerns, cleaning product labels often do not give consumers enough

information about their ingredients to allow people to make informed decisions on which

ones are safer and which ones might harm their health.”

A Safer, Green Alternative

How to Clean Green: DIY Lemon Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser

In view of these findings, why buy harsh commercial cleansers with questionable ingredients

when you can create your own safer, cheaper yet effective homemade versions using citrus peels?

What makes them so effective?

Citrus peels contain oil called D-limonene which is a powerful solvent for dirt and especially grease.

Plus, citrus cleaners leave your home smelling fresh and clean!

Now add the scent and power of lemons to the amazing attributes of white vinegar

and voila, you have an effective, non-toxic lemon citrus vinegar all-purpose cleaner.

Why vinegar?

For me, vinegar is the superhero of “green” household cleaning products.

I use it in various ways to keep my home sparkling clean.

Using white distilled vinegar as an all-around cleaner is preferable to store

bought harsh, toxic chemical blends because it is safe to use.

One reason some people may steer clear of using vinegar is because of the not so pleasant aroma.

Well, you don’t have to worry because even though it doesn’t smell too good when you’re using it

when it dries there no smell at all!

I have been saving lemon peels from my daily warm lemon water alkalizing drink, so now

I have a jar full.

It’s time to whip up a new batch of lemon citrus vinegar.

Lemon Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser

How to Clean Green: DIY Lemon Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser


Lemon peels

White Vinegar

A large glass jar with a lid

A spray bottle

How to Clean Green: DIY Lemon Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser


Fill a glass jar with clean chopped citrus peels.

Pour vinegar over the peels until they are completely covered.

Tighten the lid on the jar.

Allow the mixture to sit, occasionally shaking the jar to mix the liquid.

After about four weeks, strain the mixture through a mesh strainer and into a spray bottle.

I used a funnel to make sure none of my precious green cleaner spilled.

I use my lemon citrus vinegar cleanser to clean countertops, stovetops, appliances,

floors and glass.

How to Clean Green: DIY Lemon Citrus Vinegar All-Purpose Cleanser

I keep one bottle in the kitchen and another in the bathroom.

I absolutely love the aroma it leaves in my home and I feel so much better about using

this safe, eco-friendly product around my family.

Best of all, I made it by myself!


Have you made your own natural cleaning products?

Share your experiences, thoughts and comments with us.


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