Want to grow your own little garden but don’t have the possibility to utilize the outdoor space? No problem. You can easily have your organic and sustainable green corner inside your home. You may need to make some adjustments and look for the best possible plant placement, but ultimately, if you care for your indoor garden properly, there’s no reason for things to go awry.


“Enrich your diet with organic goods

and fill your home with fresh plant scent

all year round, with an organic and sustainable

green corner inside your home.”


Make perfect conditions for your plants

How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors

Naturally, the best thing you can do for your indoor garden is to keep it close to the source of light. Natural sunlight works the best in this case. Therefore, if you have an adequate spot in mind next to your windows, go with it. However, there’s no need to despair if your perfect plant corner doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. With special artificial plant lights, you can effectively solve this problem.

Now, different plants require different soils to thrive in. However, this shouldn’t be a problem either. With the possibility to buy or , you will provide your plants with the best possible soil environment.

How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors

Still, make sure that there’s proper water drainage for your plant pots. Plants get their water from the soil and having water stay in the pot will only prevent them from growing. Therefore, make sure that your plant pots have water holes at the bottom and keep them in larger containers that will prevent water from leaking all over your floors and/or shelves.

Choose the plants that will make your diet healthier

How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors

If you’re going to have an indoor garden, the plants and herbs that you want to grow should definitely improve your diet as well. Otherwise, you may as well stay happy with decorative flowers here and there. Fruits and veggies, healthy herbs and spices, leafy greens and even tea plants are all more than welcome to your organic indoor garden. When it comes to vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and help fight free radicals, salad greens, carrots, peppers and cherry tomatoes are perfect for an indoor garden.

How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors

When fruits are concerned, you may think that things can get a little tricky. And you’re right, not every fruit can grow properly in the home environment. However, blueberries, strawberries, lemons and dwarf varieties of apples are more than eligible for an organic indoor garden. Not to mention the benefits of vitamins found in these fruits when it comes to your immune system and healthy-looking skin.

Finally, , lavender, chamomile, mint, ginger, parsley, basil, oregano and rosemary is fairly simple yet these herbs will make your meals and personal environment a lot more pleasurable.

Make your indoor garden a true décor piece

How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors

Since you’ll be growing a small garden inside your home, it’s important to make it as presentable and interesting as possible. That way, you’ll also feel accomplished and satisfied every time you look at it.

The first thing you can play with is the arrangement of plants. Using old shelves, window frames, tables and even ladders for holding the plants can effectively personalize this area. Moreover, feel free to spice things up a little bit. Write little signs that tell you which plant is which and stick them in the soil as well.

Get yourself a cute-looking watering can and keep it next to your garden. You can do the same with a tiny transplanter, pruner and a hand fork. Together with the renowned , you’ll be all set for indoor gardening and cozy home vibe, while the mortar will help you keep your spices fresh and ready to use. If you get a wooden basket to hold your tools and decorate the area with some flowers as well, your gardening corner and a statement décor piece will truly make your space more special and unique.

How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors

Due to the fact that you can control the soil environment and growing conditions of your indoor garden, you can enrich your diet with organic goods and fill your home with fresh plant scent all year round. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of growing a small garden in your home, right now is the best moment to start.

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How to Grow Plants Organically Indoors