Nobody likes flabby arms! You may be tall and slim but the sight of fat arms can ruin your entire look. The good news: you can get your sleeveless or strapless dress ready without pumping some heavy duty iron. The bad news: you have to work hard to achieve that lean and toned look. You have to increase the activity levels to flaunt strong and toned arms and also watch what you eat. Yes, your workouts and your diet plan work in tandem to help you reach your fitness goals. 

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The first thing that stops people from pursuing their fitness goals is that they think they have to be members of an expensive gym to get a lean frame. Far from the truth! Fitness is more about focus. If you’re focused you will be able to eat right and also exercise most days of the week.
So are you all set to become fit and fabulous? Here is exactly how you could do it. These exercises are the perfect ways to slim down your big arms and let them do all the talking.
How to Lose Arm Fat: Five Ways to Get Toned Arms

Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Exercise within the comforts of your home and you can still get slim arms. Target the areas which you need to work on — most people have a problem with arm fat at the back of their arms, the triceps parts. Targeting that muscle group can yield great results. So, go ahead, try to beat the jiggle with these awesome workouts designed to help you to lose arm fat. Learn more at 
How to Lose Arm Fat: Five Ways to Get Toned Arms

Skip to Beat the Arm Jiggle

So, you think skipping should be best left with kids in kindergarten? Skipping is no fun for adults? Think again! Skipping is still the best cardio exercise you can do. And what’s more, you just need a skipping rope and you are good to go. Skipping helps you slim down as it helps burn the excess body fat. You keep moving your arms in continuous circular motions. This helps increase the activity levels too. Count seconds instead of counting repetitions — this will help you work your arms more.  
A tricep dip shapes the upper arms

Tricep Chair Dip

This is the perfect triceps workout to hit the back part of your arms. The best part of this exercise is, it can be done pretty much anywhere you want — all you need is a sturdy chair. Here is how you can nail this workout: bend with one leg straight and keep the other leg bent at a 90-degree angle. This is an intermediate level of the basic tricep chair dip. But if you are a beginner feel free to keep both of your legs at a 90-degree angle. (Image source:)
Next, lower your body by bending your arms off the chair seat. To notch it up for a more advanced version, keep both your legs straight right in front of you while your heels are planted on the floor. To feel the extra burn do remember to keep your back straight and pull in your abs to activate maximum muscle groups simultaneously. 
How to Lose Arm Fat: Five Ways to Get Toned Arms


There are very few exercises that are as effective and as hard-hitting as push-ups. It fires up your arms, shoulders, core, basically your entire body. This is the easiest way to make your body super powerful so that you can carry your heavy luggage or load with aplomb. When you want to strengthen your arms quickly, try and include a few push-ups in your workout regime and you will be amazed at the great results!
Don’t try to push your body too hard right from the onset — take it slow in the beginning and then notch up the intensity as you slowly gain strength in your arms. If you are unable to do full-body push-ups, try doing the push ups from your knees. These are a great starting point and also do not make you compromise on your form. Remember good form always scores over repetitions.
Get into a plank position and keep your arms placed a little wider than the width of your shoulders, then lower your body towards the floor placing the weight on your arms. Then with the help of your arms try to lift your torso once again. This is one set. Do more of these sets and increase the repetitions as you become stronger. Add weights to your routine to increase the intensity. Try different versions of this exercise and you will be amazed at the muscle definition of your arms and how your body transforms for the better.
How to Lose Arm Fat: Five Ways to Get Toned Arms

Pump Up Some Iron

Believe me, the quickest and most effective way to lose fat and gain some lean muscles is by adding weights to your routine. And even if you don’t have dumbbells at your disposal you can use water bottles, so basically you don’t have any excuse for not exercising. Now about your weights: don’t start too heavy, begin with 2-3 pounds and then add heavier weights to your routine.
One great exercise to quickly lean out your arms is to take the weights in your hands, and hold them in a relaxed way and then slowly lift your arms to the side and also in front of you to the level of your shoulders, and to the back as high as you possibly can. Do keep your arms straight and don’t bend your elbows, especially when you are lifting your arms in the back.

Fitness is more about focus. If you’re focused you will be able to eat right and also exercise most days of the week.Click To Tweet

Scissors Move

Scissor your way to toned arms. This move is so called because it mimics the movements of a scissor.  The beauty of this move is that it is really simple yet it is effective. Stand up straight and stretch your arms in front of you and keep them at the height of your shoulders. Keep them straight and relaxed but don’t drop them down. Stretch them as much as possible to the side and bring them back again in front of you so that your right arm overlaps your left. Stretch them out once again and this time allow the left arm to overlap your right. Repeat this move several times — take the number up to 20 times for fast action.
How to Lose Arm Fat: Five Ways to Get Toned Arms
See, it’s not that difficult, is it? You can easily spare 10 to 15 minutes of your busy schedule to do the above-mentioned exercises. A little bit of discipline can take you a long way. And with that, a nutritious diet and a good 6-8 hours of quality sleep can give you toned arms you always wanted. Willing to give these exercises a try?
Are you concerned about flabby arms?
What are your favorite ways to firm up your arms?
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