A breakup is one of the most heartbreaking and painful experiences to ever go through. No one ever thinks of coming out of it in one piece. It takes away the joy, the will to move on and brings in self-hatred and low self-esteem. Questions run through the mind as to why you loved in the first place. Love is supposed to be fun and happy but now feels like suffering. What do you do? Give up or fight the painful experience?


“A breakup is one of the 

most heartbreaking and

painful experiences to

ever go through.” 


The first thing to do after a breakup is look back and feel proud of yourself for daring to love. It may seem like an easy thing to do but it is not easy. You gave a part of your heart to somebody who trampled on it. Pain is inevitable especially in matters of love. However, suffering is an option and you can choose to soak yourself in self-pity or move on and love again. Moving on would definitely be the best thing to do and loving again would be even better but how do you move forward when your heart is feeling so heavy? Below are some of the things to take into consideration for you to love again.

Learn to forgive

Healing takes time but learning to forgive whoever caused you the pain helps you to transition faster from that unhappy person to one willing to love again. Once you have forgiven, the second time around will be much better for you because it makes you be more careful. You are more aware of what risks to take to make everything work out.

Learn to love yourself more

Self-love is very important when you are healing from a breakup. Instead of locking yourself up going through self-pity, get out and do the things that make you happy. Take up exercises, go shopping, visit friends, relatives, and so on. The only way to fall in love again and get requited love is by loving yourself first. Once you do that, loving another person is easy.

Pray and meditate

Yes, prayer does help a lot for those that pray and for those, that do not, then meditation would do. When things do not go the way we want, we get discouraged and lose focus and hope. However, in all this, there is one person who knows why things happen the way they do. That person is God and instead of trying to find solutions or ask unanswered questions, we can ask God for guidance and help in loving again.

Think about the new opportunities ahead

When you think of a past relationship that hurt you as a lesson, then you will focus on what you gained from that lesson and how best to use that lesson to love again. You will be surprised at how strong the second time around you will be because of all the lessons you learnt. Focus on what is in your heart and think of how brave you are to try love again. Let your focus be hope and your willingness to use the lessons you learnt to make it better next time.


“How do you move forward

when your heart is

feeling so heavy?”


Wrapping it up

Life does not need to come to a standstill because someone hurt you. Rise up, dust yourself off and love again.

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Breakups are painful! Learn how to love again after the hurt. #love #breakups #divorce


Breakups are painful! Learn how to love again after the hurt. #love #breakups #divorce