Many people out there go to work every day with a smirk on their faces. They only work because they have to and because the work is their only means of survival. They hate their jobs and would do anything to be in better places. However, finding that job that makes you tick it is not always possible and it is not that easy. Therefore, you live with what you have and try to make the best out of it.

Every job has its own difficulties. Whether you are in HR, engineering, teaching, banking, a writer with essayshark, a company practitioner and so on, you need motivation for better performance. Motivation in a job that you hate is rather difficult. Many people think that quitting a job they hate is the best option. Is quitting the best option really?  Most probably, it is not. Instead of quitting, take a pause, assess the situation again, and learn to love that job you hate so much. Below are tips on how to love your job again.


“There are many other things

you can change to fall in love

with you job again.”



Value the work you do

Always put a great value to what you do. The work you do contributes a lot to the whole process and valuing that makes the work seem more enjoyable. If there is probably a task you detest doing, instead of getting rid of it all together, pause and ask yourself what that particular task does to the whole process of your entire work. Look for ways to add value to that task and eventually working for value and purpose bears fruit and your love for that particular jobs takes a different turn.

Work on your self-management

Maybe when you first took over the job you had very high expectations and expected everything to go very smoothly. However, things did not go the way you envisioned and you are yet to make an impact. Do not fret because nothing happens overnight. Everything needs and takes time and a lot of input to get it off the ground. If things are not working out, do not quit yet. Sit back and think of all the reasons you took the job in the first place. If some things or issues are not moving forward as you expected, try all you can to fix them by taking actionable steps. The turn-around may not take place immediately but eventually it will.

Duplicate your happy days

Everyone has his or her best days at work. These are the days you are exceptionally happy with everything around you. Other days you are sullen and cannot wait for the day to end. You can change the sad days by duplicating your happy days to cover you every day. Once you achieve this, your love for the job will see many changes.

Take risks

Surprisingly changing a few things in your life bring a lot of joy and gratification. Take simple risks like changing your office asset up. This could mean you working from home sometimes. Take an afternoon short nap to ease up any tension accumulated in the morning. A few minutes relaxes the body fully and you’ll get back to work feeling all new. Take a short walk in between work, ask for a transfer to another department or ask to change your boss. If there are tasks that you can delegate, do not hesitate to do so.


“Instead of quitting, take a pause,

assess the situation again,

and learn to love that job you

hate so much.”




There are many other things you can change to fall in love with you job again. Just do not quit, but make your job fulfilling again.


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