Mattresses play a significant role when it comes to having a comfortable and pleasant sleep. However, a lot of us only pay attention to how attractive the bed looks, and put the mattress on the side, whereas it is as important as the look of the bed, if not more.
Different mattresses are made up of different layers, each giving a benefit of its own.
A good mattress won’t only provide a sound sleep but will also help you remain healthy and fit. On the other hand, picking a poor quality mattress will cause you back ache and other health problems. to know more about how mattresses can affect your health and why you should be careful in picking a mattress.

Importance Of Thickness And Layers in a Mattress

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It’s important to choose a mattress that suits your needs, especially.

Before buying a mattress, consider the layers it contains and choose one that best suits your needs.Click To Tweet
Here are a few things to consider when buying a mattress:

Thickness Of A Mattress

Importance Of Thickness And Layers in a Mattress
The first thing to look in a mattress is to check its thickness. Thicker the mattress, softer it will be. The rule of thumb is to buy a mattress according to your weight. The more you weigh, the thicker should your mattress be so that it can support your body weight. When we talk about the thickness of a bed, it implies to the several layers it is made up of.
If you want a mattress that has a firm surface then go for thick memory foam mattress that has a high-density support layer to support your weight. Sometimes, people don’t like their mattresses to be thick, they prefer it thin too. Note that, thinner mattresses are suitable for people who weight below average only. So check the weight a mattress can handle before you purchase one.

Layers In A Mattress

Importance Of Thickness And Layers in a Mattress
The latest mattresses have several layers in them to ensure utmost comfort and support for people to rest and sleep on.  Layers make up the thickness of a mattress.
Here are the most common layers a mattress can have:

  • Latex: It’s a foam like layer which is composed of sap recovered from the trees. This layers is known for extending the lifespan of a mattress along with providing good comfort and softness.


  • Memory Foam: Today, most people are turning to mattresses that have a memory foam layer inside. This layer acts according to the weight of a person. Meaning, as pressure is applied on it, it softens and gives maximum support to the overall body. A person waking up in a memory foam mattress won’t complain about chronic back pain or have any sort of pain.


  • Natural Fibers: A mattress having a natural fiber layers is suitable for people who usually sleep in one position all night long. It’s composed of several materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, horsehair etc.


  • Polyurethane Foam Layer: This layer is known to make the mattress more dense. People who weight more should go for a as it is denser and won’t get damaged even after withstanding a lot of weight.


  • Gel Foam: Mattresses containing gel foam layer are expensive because such a layer is a result of many chemicals that are used to make the mattress soft, supportive and durable. It provides a plushy experience and is also good at working on your pressure points and relaxing you when you sleep in it.


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Importance Of Thickness And Layers in a Mattress
Before buying a mattress, make sure that you consider the type of layer it contains and choose one that best suits your needs.
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