Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?  Green Tips for Eliminating Clutter Plus Infographic

I admit it: Clutter is killing me!

I have always been a bit of a pack rat!

In fact, I write this post, I am constantly distracted by the unsightly mounds of clutter that

surround me–not to mention what it is doing to the indoor air environment!

Piles and piles of books, papers, magazines, newspapers, souvenirs from trade shows and

conventions, notebooks, briefcases, laptop bags, stuffed animals, squeeze toys, mugs, bottles,

and too many logo’d tote bags from all of the meetings, conferences and events I have attended

are everywhere!

And that’s in addition to the journals, manual and binders and computer equipment that

are the necessary tools of my trade.

Of course, when I got those items I thought I would read and use them in my work, but

months–and in some cases years–have gone by and they are simply collecting dust.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?  Green Tips for Eliminating Clutter Plus Infographic

It is not a pretty sight, so I working on plans to declutter this room–and a few other areas–

in a green and responsible way.

But the most important concern is how to prevent this over consumption of unnecessary items

from happening again.

Waste is bad for humans and worse for our planet!

Let’s face it, one of the greatest threats to the planet’s health is waste and trash.

Landfills are getting full and in the United States, trash is often collected and taken by barge to

other countries.

It’s critical for the health of our planet that we manage how much we are using and throwing away.

Taking steps to reduce what we buy, reuse what we have, and recycle as many other items as

possible is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen of Earth.

It may take a lifestyle change, but these practices can become routine.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?  Green Tips for Eliminating Clutter Plus Infographic

You’ll find that limiting your consumption can also make you feel free from clutter.

Many of us collect items and all that clutter can make us feel disorganized and can make it difficult to

keep things clean.

We can also save a lot of money when we take a break from consuming new items and look for ways to

reuse items.

That money can be used to get or stay out of debt, pay for future education expenses, or purchase more

environmentally friendly items.

Not only can we help to save the planet, you can also rescue your bank account.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?  Green Tips for Eliminating Clutter Plus Infographic

Key Tips for Getting Rid of Clutter

Clutter can get on top of many of us.

If you have a house full of children and an active family life, it can be really difficult to control

the clutter build up.

It is possible though and even beneficial to your daily life. Here’s how to get started:

1. Do a “Clear Out”

The first step in reducing your clutter is to go through everything in your home and get rid of what

you no longer need.

Many of us have far too many possessions and they can really get in the way of daily life.

Give everything you don’t need to charity, this way it can be put to good use by someone who

really needs it.

Be ruthless in your clearing out and don’t just send things to the attic for dealing with later, this

will only delay the inevitable.

Get your kids to help too.

Set up a station for different items and get everyone to pitch in and do their part.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?  Green Tips for Eliminating Clutter Plus Infographic

2. Have a System

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter it’s important to set up a system to keep things clutter free.

Set up a place for everything.

You can get economical baskets which are natural and also a great way to hide stationary, odds

and ends, kids toys and everything else in between.

Label everything clearly so that all members of the household know where things go.

Setting up a recycling system will also help the planet and the house stay in tip top shape.

Help your children get to grips with the system by clearly labelling everything and showing them

where things go.

Used papers can go in one basket to use as scraps for writing notes and anything unused can be recycled.

Is Clutter Taking Over Your Life?  Green Tips for Eliminating Clutter Plus Infographic

3. Reduce the Amount You Buy

Not only will this help the environment, it will also help your pocketbook and sanity too.

Really think purchases through.

If it’s an impulse buy then leave it behind.

It’s very empowering to walk away from things you really don’t need to buy.

Get your kids involved by letting them know the importance of reducing our consumption and

help them think through any potential buys.

Reducing the clutter in your environment can be really beneficial.

A clutter-free home or office will have a sense of renewed energy.

It is also easier to keep tidy and clean a home that is clutter free.

Our belongings are not an extension of us and there are many things that we don’t actually need.

Decluttering the home can certainly leave you feeling refreshed and empowered.

Declutter with Help from The Space Savers Encyclopedia 

The people at Flexispace wanted to show us that they’re on our side so they used all of their

collective expertise to create the infographic resource they call the Space Savers Encyclopedia.

In it you’ll find a great decision making chart for sifting through your clutter and making those hard

decisions as well as some neat home storage solutions and gadgets they’ve found in case you can’t bear

to part with everything.

If you really need to expand your room at home, they’ve included a guide to determining if your loft is

suitable for conversion and how much it could set you back to get the job done.

The Space Savers Encyclopedia
The Space Savers Encyclopedia by Flexispace.


What’s in your clutter?

Are you concerned about cleaning up clutter and reducing waste?

What solutions worked for you?

Share your experiences, suggestions, thoughts and comments with us.