Java Joy: The Many Benefits of Drinking Coffee

There are plenty of us who wouldn’t even dream of starting their day any other way than

with a freshly brewed coffee to stir your senses and get you ready for what lies ahead.

With brands like coffee makers around, there is every chance that you can make

yourself the perfect cup of coffee every time, and when you discover there are also potential

health benefits to drinking coffee, it tastes even better.

The Science Behind Your Cup of Coffee

Java Joy: The Many Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Researchers at Harvard University have been running a series of scientific tests on the benefits

and effects of coffee on your health, over a number of years.

Although the studies are ongoing and more tests will be carried out, it appears that coffee may

contain protective properties that could reduce your risk of liver disease, cancer and cirrhosis.

Their studies have seemingly demonstrated that drinking between four and five cups of coffee

per day reduced your risk of disease by as much as 50%, in comparison to people who consumed

little or no caffeine on a daily basis.

Although links between coffee and better health have been established, researchers are still trying

to identify what role components such as antioxidants in your morning cup play, in order to deliver

these health benefits.

A Great Brain Boost


Java Joy: The Many Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is definitely a complex beverage and when you fire up your Keurig® machine first thing or

throughout the day, it is setting to work on not just delivering you a great tasting brew but also

working to deliver some additional benefits beyond the flavor you enjoy.

Coffee has often been perceived as the go-to beverage if you want to kick-start your brain into

action and that is no coincidence, as every cup has the potential to improve your cognitive functions.

It seems that coffee might be beneficial in preventing the formation of amyloid plaques and other

symptoms associated with , such as neurofibrillary tangles and an excessive

buildup of protein.

Coffee can help to reduce inflammation and minimize the deterioration of brain cells, which is

something that is happening to all of us as we get older.

Reduced Diabetes Risk

Java Joy: The Many Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Diabetes is a growing problem in many developed countries like America and one of the findings

from studies carried out by Harvard University amongst others, was that men and women who

increased their intake of daily coffee, lowered their risk of .

Studies showed that the risk of Diabetes was lowered by up to 11% by adding an extra cup of

coffee to your daily routine, which is in comparison to participants in the study who decreased

their coffee intake, and subsequently saw their risk of Diabetes rise by 17%.

There are a number of different universities who are currently trying to identify exactly how

coffee delivers this benefit, but for coffee lovers everywhere, it is another positive reason to pour

themselves another cup of great tasting and health-delivering coffee, throughout the day.

Java Joy: The Many Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The joy of java is easy to appreciate and when you consider the potential health benefits too,

it almost adds to the enjoyment.


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