Join the Fun and Get Social at the Fantastic Friday Link Up#16

Happy Friday!

Or should I say, “TGIF”!

Either way, Friday is my favorite day of the week for a number of reasons including the fact that

it is time to us to link up, socialize and make new friends at the Fantastic Friday Link Up!

This week, I have the pleasure of being a co-host on Fantastic Friday and I can’t wait to

meet all of you fabulous bloggers.

So welcome to Fantastic Friday here at Urban Naturale!

Urban Naturale is a positive place where you can find and share loads of “good stuff” that

will help you in your personal journey toward a healthier, more natural and sustainable lifestyle.

Here we share our healthiest gems from wholesome, plant-based recipes, natural fitness and beauty

tips and DIY remedies to  healthy, green and natural living ideas, positive inspiration, creativity

and more.

Our mission is living “Healthy, Green and Natural, By Design”.

And I can’t wait to see what’s cooking at your blog!

Fantastic Friday Link Up
Fantastic Friday Link Up

Let us start by introducing your hosts and co-hosts!

The Fantastic Friday Link Up is brought to you by:

*Michelle from The MaMade Diaries
*Stephanie from Life as a Mommy
*Leah from Mama Knows Nest
*Stephanie from TinTin & Livia
*Kim from This Ole Mom
*Embrace from Embracing The Good Life

This week our lovely co-hosts are:

*Marla from Organic 4 Greenlivings
*Michelle from On A Wing And A Prayor
*Debbie from Heartbeats~Soul Stains
*Deborah from Urban Naturale

Get Social!

Join the Fun and Get Social at the Fantastic Friday Link Up#16The Fantastic Friday Link Up is a place for you to come each week and link up

all of your social media sites!

Link ups are a fun way to network your blog, gain more followers,

and make new friends!

Each week we will also have two or three co-hosts.

If you are interested in co-hosting please e-mail Michelle at

mamadecreations{at}gmail{dot}com so that we can get you scheduled.


The Rules:

Join the Fun and Get Social at the Fantastic Friday Link Up#16*Follow hosts: There is only one real rule and that is to please follow your hosts and

co-hosts in any area that you add your links.

These will be the first few links in each list below, and will also be labeled host or

co-host so there is no missing them.

*Hop around: Please stop by a few other pages and follow along as well, after all,

that’s how link ups work!

*Comment: Don’t forget to leave us a comment when you follow so that we can

be sure to follow you back! 🙂

*Spread the word: Besides that we do ask that you please share the link up in any way

you are comfortable.

The more views and participants we have, the more views and follows we all receive!

*Grab the button: If you would like, go ahead and grab our Fantastic Friday button above

and place it somewhere on your page.

We would really appreciate it and that’s one more way to help get the word out about the link up :).

*Sign up: Each week Michelle sends out an e-mail notification that the Fantastic Friday Link Up is live.

If you’d like to stay up to date with the link up and receive the reminder e-mails so you can be one

of the first people to link up, you can sign up below.