Like my wise and wonderful grandmother taught me, I always keep a box or two of Epsom Salt
on hand in my “urban natural home”.
It’s good for what ails you–in more ways than one.
Epsom Salts are a form of magnesium sulfate, and many of the benefits of magnesium and sulfates
can be obtained from them, such as helping to relax tired or sore muscles and encouraging sleep.

Have you ever seen a movie or read a novel where the fainting heroine was revived with “smelling salts”?
In Victorian times, smelling salts were used to invigorate and enliven a weak constitution.
Epsom Salts were a significant ingredient in those invigorating remedies.
But, Epsom Salt’s benefits aren’t just folklore. So, don’t let the humble packaging deter you from
discovering the many uses and benefits of Epsom Salts.

There is a lot more to this humble home staple.
Numerous studies have shown the wide-ranging benefits of magnesium and sulfate.


“Doctors and researchers confirm that soaking in an

Epsom Salt bath is a safe, easy way to increase the

body’s levels of both magnesium and sulfate.”


According to the Epsom Salt Council, in a recent study, subjects experienced “increased 
magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with magnesium sulfate crystals, 
commonly known as Epsom Salt”.

That’s a very important finding because the National Academy of Sciences,  reported that
most Americans are magnesium-deficient, helping to account for our society’s
high rate of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis and joint pain, digestive
 maladies and stress-related illnesses, chronic fatigue and a host of other ailments”
While increasing your magnesium levels, Epsom Salt also delivers sulfates, which
are very difficult to obtain through food, but which are readily absorbed through the skin.
Sulfates serve a variety of important functions in the body.

The Universal Heatlh Institute reports that the major health benefits of magnesium and
sulfates include:
Magnesium: -Eases stress, improves sleep and concentration
-Helps muscles and nerves function properly
-Regulates activity of 325+ enzymes
-Helps prevent artery hardening and blood clots
-Makes insulin more effective
-Reduces inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
-Improves oxygen use
-Flush toxins
-Improves absorption of nutrients
-Helps form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
-Helps prevent or ease migraine headaches

Pretty awesome benefits, right?

So, if you haven’t done so yet, get ready to make Epsom Salt an integral part of your life.
Here are 14 ways to use this natural remedy and all-purpose aid in your
natural home:

Magnificent Magnesium Sulfate:14 Green & Healthy Uses for Epsom Salts

Soaking in Epsom salt bath is a safe, easy way to detox, soothe sore muscles, relax and increase the
body’s levels of magnesium and sulfate.

1. Take a Detox Sweat Bath

Epsom Salt baths can help flush toxins and heavy metals from our cells, easing muscle pain
and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
Adding two cups of Epsom Salt to a tub of hot water will do the trick. I sometimes add more.
Whenever I have a cold, I take a hot Epsom Salt bath induce to sweating.
After soaking for a few minutes, I usually wrap up in a terry cloth robe, climb into bed,
snuggle under the covers and rest. I usually feel much better afterwards.
And I definitely sleep well that night.

2. Create an Aromatherapy Spa Bath

Turn your tub into a spa by adding a few drops of essential oils to your warm Epsom Salt bath.
For sleep, use scents such as Lavender. Lavender helps to ease anxiety, depression, insomnia,
and stress. Peppermint and Citrus are good pick-me-up scents. Slip into the scented waters and
soak your cares away.

3. Soothe Sore Muscles

Soak in a bath of 2 cups of Epsom Salt per gallon of water to relieve muscle pain and even
fade bruises.

Magnificent Magnesium Sulfate:14 Green & Healthy Uses for Epsom Salts

Soaking your feet in Epsom Salt can relieve foot aches, foot odor and fungus.

4. Soak Aching Feet

Soak your feet in a pan of hot water to which 1/2 to 1 cup of Epsom Salt has been added
to soothe sore and aching feet.

5. Eliminate Foot Odor and Fungus

Soaking your feet in a pan of Epsom Salt helps to eliminate foot odor and fungal problems
(such as Athletes’ Foot). A few drops of essential oil can be added to each cup of Epsom salt
to create a pleasant scent.

6. Fix Splinters & Ingrown Toenails

An Epsom Salt compress can be used to help draw out splinters and heal ingrown toenails, as well.
The salt compress shrinks swollen skin to allow splinters and ingrown nails to be removed.

Magnificent Magnesium Sulfate:14 Green & Healthy Uses for Epsom Salts

Use Epsom Salt to make natural health and beauty products.

7. Exfoliate Your Skin

Use Epsom Salt as old-fashioned salt rub to exfoliate your skin and give it a healthy glow.
Simply rub Epsom Salt vigorously on your skin using a cloth or your fingers, and rinse.
You can also add the essential oils of your choice to the salt rub, before use.

8. Condition Your Hair

Try adding Epsom Salt to your conditioner using an equal amount of conditioner and salt.
Rub the mixture in well, leave it on for about 15 minutes, then rinse.
Use cool water to rinse to really bring out your hair’s natural glow and increase its volume.

9. Relieve Bug Bites

Make a compress of Epsom Salt and water to soothe bug bites.

10. Use as a Natural Laxative

The magnesium in Epsom Salts makes it an effective laxative.
Add 2 teaspoons to a glass of warm water and drink. I am witness.
It worked for me.

Magnificent Magnesium Sulfate:14 Green & Healthy Uses for Epsom Salts

For sweet dreams, spritz your pillow with this Lavender Pillow Spray and destress with an Epsom Salt bath.

11. Make a Sleep Well Pillow Spray

Spray your pillow 1-2 times before bedtime to help you sleep.
Assemble the following items:
5-6 drops Lavender essential oil
¼ teaspoon Epsom Salt
4 oz  Spray bottle
Add Epsom Salt to the spray bottle.
Next, add the essential oil.
Fill the rest of the bottle with water.
Shake well before use and spritz away!
Plus, you can “green” your gardening and cleaning…

Magnificent Magnesium Sulfate:14 Green & Healthy Uses for Epsom Salts

Green your gardening and lawn care with Epsom Salt instead of harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

12. Deter Garden Slugs

Avoid harmful pesticides and insectides.
If slugs and snails are a problem, sprinkle Epsom Salt around the base of the plants
they like to eat.
The slimy critters can not get over the salt barrier.

13. Fertilize Your Lawn & Garden

Epsom Salt won’t harm your plants – in fact, it acts as a fertilizer.
It works especially well on flowering and fruit-bearing plants.
You can work it directly into the soil a tablespoon at a time for individual plants, or
mix 2 tablespoons with 1 gallon of water to cover a larger area, such as your lawn.

14. Scrub Your Bathroom Tub & Tiles

To avoid exposure to the harmful toxins in common bathroom cleaners, remove
grungy bathroom grime naturally with Epsom Salt instead.
Mix equal amounts of dishwashing detergent and Epsom Salt and spread it onto your
tub and tiles,then scrub.
Rinse well and enjoy safe, nontoxic housecleaning.


Do you know other uses for Epsom Salts?

Share your suggestions and experiences with us.



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