Medical marijuana has caused a stir in the health industry. This is because of the medicinal value of marijuana. Researchers have found that medical marijuana is becoming a popular treatment today, therefore, many people choose to purchase the medicinal herb online. For instance, registered an increase in sales as Americans get more enlightened on the medicinal value of marijuana. So, what are some of the benefits of using medical marijuana as an alternative medicine? Keep reading as we enlighten you.  

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The Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Over 60 peer reviewed research studies have examined the medicinal benefits of using marijuana. Of all these studies that were conducted, only about 8% showed that there was no benefit of using the medicinal plant. However, a majority of the studies found that medical marijuana has many benefits. The benefits of marijuana are attributed to the binding of the endocannabinoid system in marijuana. The benefits include:

  1.   Modulation of the immune system
  2.   Promoting neuroplasticity
  3.   Emotional modulation
  4.   Cognitive modulation
  5.   Helps in improving appetite in patients
  6.   Vascular function
  7.   Digestive function

Why Medical Marijuana is a Healthy Alternative for Certain Problems

Benefits to Immune System

Scientific studies have shown that medical marijuana is beneficial to your immune system. For instance, the medicinal herb has helped persons living with HIV/AIDs regain their immunity. These persons are therefore able to cope with the effects of HIV. Marijuana has helped in alleviating many common symptoms like nausea.

Marijuana Promotes Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity refers to the way the human brain develops over a given period of time. this occurs in response to the experiences. Did you know that if Marijuana is consumed on a regular basis it will inhibit neuroplasticity? Studies have shown that a component found in cannabis referred to as . Several researchers have found out that administering several doses of THC to patients is a protective measure against the injury of the neurons. These are the cells of the nervous system that help in transmitting signals.
They help in thinking, improve the memory and also have an impact on a person’s movement. Therefore, THC impacts neuroplasticity. Basically, the long-lasting effects indicate that a single treatment using an ultra-low dose of THC will modify the brain’s plasticity. This leads to inducement of long-term behavioral and developmental effects on the person’s brain.
Why Medical Marijuana is a Healthy Alternative for Certain Problems

Cannabis Helps in Emotional Modulation

Persons with stress are able to cope with stress better when they take medical marijuana. It helps in stimulating their emotional system and therefore can cope with the stress in a better way. Depression and anxiety can be a leading cause of death among the patients who suffer chronic illnesses. Thus, when these persons are subjected to cannabis induced treatment, they are able to cope with the emotional disturbance better. Thus, medical marijuana is a better treatment for emotional related illnesses.

Medical Marijuana for Cognitive Modulation

Marijuana contains substances that help in improving cognitive abilities in persons. This has been reported among those who use marijuana for recreational purposes. The plant contains 70 plus active compounds known as cannabinoids. These have been found to have several desirable benefits when the plant is used for medicinal benefits.
Among the common benefits are those relating to the cognitive system. Medical marijuana increases the cerebral regional blood flow helping to improve cognitive system performance. Scientists have spent more time studying these benefits of marijuana. The modulation of the ACC activity is the mechanism that has been found to help in improving cognitive abilities.
Why Medical Marijuana is a Healthy Alternative for Certain Problems

Stimulates Appetite

The patients who consume or smoke medical marijuana experience increased appetite. This is because of the active ingredient called THC that is present in medical marijuana. This active substance is known to activate the receptors. Thus, when these receptors enter the brain, it helps in improving the patient’s appetite. In many circumstances, this has pushed patients to use medical marijuana in order to have improved appetite.

Marijuana Is Beneficial to the Vascular Functioning

The use of cannabinoids is a constituent of marijuana has been found to have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular pathologies. Scientists show that the use of cannabis has potential for therapeutic benefits in the various cardiovascular pathologies. This includes the treatment of various cardiac related infections like the ischemic injury, heart failure, and also cardiac arrhythmias.
The findings are as a result of studies that were carried out in humans and animal models. For instance, some studies on animal models showed the effect of the cannabinoids against the ischemic reperfusion injury, therefore, these studies do emphasize the role of cannabis components in helping the vascular system or treating related illnesses.
Why Medical Marijuana is a Healthy Alternative for Certain Problems

Marijuana in Digestive Functioning

Marijuana use is beneficial to the human tummy! Studies have shown that smoking it will help in soothing bad hangovers. In pharmacological terms, cannabis acts like a drug and it is also a food or a dietary supplement. The intestines and the stomach will harbor microbes that help in digesting food. These microbes also carry out other biological tasks.
Scientific studies point out that microbiome together with the endocannabinoid system will facilitate the important neurological connections in your body. Plenty of CB1 and CB2 receptors in your gut mean that the digestive system is a natural attractor of the endogenous cannabinoids. When cannabinoids are introduced into the body, they help in relaxing the digestive muscles and also improve the intestinal motility. This decreases the inflammation, soothes the cramps and reduces the effects of chemical secretions in the stomach.

Cannabis Helps in Treating Nausea

The medicines that are used in treating nausea are referred to as antiemetic. They are frequently administered in the patients who are suffering from various diseases that lead to nausea and also vomiting. When patients are experiencing nausea and vomiting, this is as a result of the digestive tract producing large quantities of gastric acids. The body contains the endocannabinoid receptors. These are located in the digestive tract. Once the receptors are activated, the digestive tract will reduce the production of the acids
There is substantial evidence pointing out that the cannabinoids that are produced naturally in the body do play a role in the suppression of nausea. This is in the normal circumstances. The intake of medical marijuana when patients report nausea leads to relief of the symptoms, therefore, when patients inhale medicinal marijuana, it helps in reducing nausea and also the vomiting effects of nausea. The vaporized and inhaled medical marijuana is a safe alternative to the traditionally smoked cannabis when it comes to preventing nausea and vomiting. The body will absorb medical marijuana faster as a result of presence of similar cannabinoids present in the body.

Why Medical Marijuana is a Healthy Alternative for Certain Problems

is quickly gaining widespread acceptance across the world. In the US, almost all of the states have — or are working towards — legalizing the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, therefore, this shows that many benefits of medical marijuana have been proven to be effective. The medical benefit of marijuana is a topic that has attracted a lot of research by various scientists and also the medical doctors.
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