Non GMO Survival Guide: Avoid GMOs with the Shop No GMO App

Did you know that in North America, over 80% of our food contains GMOs?
If you are not buying foods that are Non-GMO Project Verified, it is highly likely that GMOs
are present on your plate.
That’s not a very appetizing reality, is it?
There is more than enough solid evidence to make us seriously question whether GMOs are safe
for us to be eating.
Consequently, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has urged doctors
to advise their patients to avoid genetically modified (GM) foods, stating that:

“Several animal studies indicate serious 

health risks associated with GM food.”

These risks include:

• Infertility

• Immune problems

• Accelerated aging

• Faulty insulin regulation

• Changes in major organs and the

gastrointestinal system.”

In view of these and other risks, it is important for us be more vigilant about protecting ourselves
our families and our environment now.
In short, the future is in our hands.

6 Tips to Avoid GMOs

Non GMO Survival Guide: Avoid GMOs with the Shop No GMO App

Non-GMO Survival Guide: Shop Smart with the Non-GMO Shopping App.

#1. Avoid known GM foods on the market
#2. Buy organic
#3. Look for Non-GMO Project Seals
 #4. Avoid at-risk ingredients
# 5. Do your homework and search for GMO-Verfiied Products before you shop.
Non GMO Survival Guide: Avoid GMOs with the Shop No GMO App

Be a savvy shopper. Check to find Non-GMO verified products and brands before you shop.

# 6. Use the ShopNoGMO App When You Shop

Fortunately, there’s a convenient, user friendly app available to make shopping easier.
ShopNoGMO was created for health conscious consumers nationwide–including the 9 out of 10
Americans who would like GM foods labeled and the majority of Americans who say they would
avoid GM foods if they were labeled.
Sponsored by The Institute for Responsible Technology, a nonprofit organization
working to educate the public about the risks of GMOs, and the Center for Food Safety
ShopNoGMO helps consumers avoid products with GMOs when shopping or dining out.
In addition to tips for avoiding GMOs, the easy to use resource provides insightful information about
the science behind genetic engineering, the health risks of GMOs and hundreds of non-GMO brand
names in 23 food categories.

Non GMO Survival Guide: Avoid GMOs with the Shop No GMO App

*4 Simple Tips for Avoiding GMOs gives you everything you need to know to make
healthier non-GMO choices while shopping at the supermarket or natural foods store.
*Browse the Guide makes it easy to locate the brands you want in 23 food categories.
*Favorites List saves you time by allowing you to create your personal list of brand favorites.
Easily add or remove items from this list, which is saved automatically and ready to use every time you shop.
*About GMOs answers frequently asked questions on this important topic.

Non GMO Survival Guide: Avoid GMOs with the Shop No GMO App

Other useful features:
*Dine Out Non-GMO provides step-by-step instructions to help you avoid GMOs at restaurants.
*Hidden Ingredients identifies more than 100 ingredients, like dextrose and lecithin, which may
be derived from genetically modified soy, corn or other GMOs.
*What is organic? This feature explains the USDA certified organic labeling and how it excludes
GMO ingredients.
*How can I help? Tips, resources and strategies to help you educate family, friends, and community
members on this important topic.
Non GMO Survival Guide: Shop Smart with the NonGMO Shopping App

Get Started

Simply download and use the ShopNoGMO App on your iPhone or
iPod Touch—available for free at the iTunes store.
I can’t wait to use this app on my next shopping trip.
Helpful tools like this help to lessen the confusion surrounding GMOs
and make it easier to make the right choices.
Want to be a savvy Non-GMO shopper? Help is just a click away!
Do you plan to take steps to avoid GMOs? Share you thoughts and suggestions?
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