Recycle File: 5 Furnishings You Can Make From Recycled Wood Infographic

Have you ever imagined what you could make from recycled wood?

When I was a child some of my happiest times were spent with my friends building a wagon,

a scooter, a treehouse or even a secret clubhouse with the wood from new appliance packaging?

Getting our hands on old pieces of wood provided countless hours of fun and fancy for us.

Do you recall similar experiences?

Have you ever had a pile of old wood from a project and wondered what to do with it?

Don’t toss it or waste it!

Reuse it!

There are significant benefits to be gained from reusing reclaimed or recovered wood.

According to GreenBusinessWatch:

“We live in a world of diminishing natural resources, over-forestation and environmental concerns. Using reclaimed wood helps to preserve our forests by reducing the need for virgin timber. Generally, processing this wood has less impact on the environment than felling, transporting and processing new lumber and the varieties recovered can include those not available naturally.

The benefits are not just confined to helping the environment. Reclaimed timber is often from very old structures and vessels which were formed of wood from mature trees….One of the most important aspects of reclaimed timber is its character. Every section has a story and no two pieces are identical, giving depth and unique character to anything fashioned from the wood.”

Sources for Recycled and Reclaimed Lumber

*Old buildings, barns, factories, and warehouses–good sources for oak, chestnut and pine

*Railway sleepers, fences and storage vessels like wine barrels, beer casks and pickling containers

*Old shipping pallets which are often made from exotic hardwoods

*Recovered lumber from trees which have toppled over, died naturally or fallen into rivers

Have you ever made your own playthings or furnishings from discarded wood?

It’s not too late to start now.

Make Your Own Furnishings from Recycled Wood

From a bench to a table to a sofa, here are five ideas for furnishings that you can make with

recycled wood courtesy of Jarrimber, a maker of furniture from recycled wood.

Recycle File: 5 Furnishings You Can Make From Recycled Wood Infographic


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