You’re tired of crunching numbers. You’re tired of a cramp in your neck as you sit at your office chair. Every day, rain or shine, you find yourself gazing out the window, wishing you were out there in it. You wish you lived somewhere peaceful, somewhere where you could hear crickets. (And yourself think.) If this describes you, if you love the idea of a career that’s got more to do with nature and getting your hands dirty, then you might consider starting your own farm. Whether your last name is MacDonald, or, you know, something else–a farm might be part of your future. If the idea appeals to you, here are some next-steps to consider when developing a farm.

If you love the idea of a career that’s got more to do with nature and getting your hands dirty, then you might consider starting your own #farm.Click To Tweet

Step 1: Get some real-world experience

Starting Your Own Farm
One of your first steps will be to get some real-world experience. If you’re a city boy or girl with a dream, and you’ve never farmed before, now might be the time. Get a job on a farm. See what the day-to-day labor is really like, and if it suits you. Of course, there are many, many different types of farms, so as you look for investigating-jobs, try to decide ahead of time what type of farm might be best for you.

Step 2: Decide what type of farm you want to start

Starting Your Own Farm
Do you want to grow crops? Milk cows? Raise beef? The type of farm you own will provide a very different set of work for you, so as much as you can, decide ahead of time what tickles your fancy. Once you have a good idea, try to get employed at a farm similar to that.

Step 3: Get relevant training

Starting Your Own Farm
Another help, on the financial side of farming, might be to have a degree in sustainability or other applicable field. You can find and expand your critical knowledge when it comes to running a farm. Once you feel like you have experience, start moving forward.

Step 4: Research your market

Starting Your Own Farm
Your next stage will likely be to research your market. Depending on the area you want to farm, some products will meet a need, some products will wind up superfluous. It’s important to research ahead of time, so you know what type of farming will turn a profit in your area.

Step 5: Pick your land

Starting Your Own Farm
Then, you’ll need to pick your land. Knowing what sales channels you’re going to use ahead of time will help you choose the right farm, since you shouldn’t be too far away. You also need good quality soil and access to water.

Step 6: Construct or update buildings

Starting Your Own Farm
You might purchase a farm that already comes with all the buildings you need, but you may need to build a few of your own, or update some of them with .

Step 7: Get financing, then market and sell

Starting Your Own Farm
The final stages of building your farm will be to get financed, market, and sell. From there, you’ll enjoy those crickets and peace of mind as, year after year, you run your own farm.
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Starting Your Own Farm


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