Social distancing and self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic can be boring, exhausting and overwhelming, but this trying time could also be used as the perfect opportunity to redefine productivity and discover a new sense of self. Let’s look at some things you can do to cut down on boredom and anxiety during this period and instead focus on finding leisure and boosting productivity.




Staying Productive While Social Distancing

With most people working from home, unplugging can be challenging. However, taking the time to unwind is necessary to stay productive. Unwinding can take the form of establishing certain boundaries with regards to work so that you do not need to continuously check emails and texts. It is also worth limiting your use of technology beyond stipulated times and taking some time for meditation.

Make an effort to take breaks often and do non-work related activities during those breaks. This could include spending time outdoors enjoying nature, gardening, or reading a book on the porch.  You can also take a short hike, a bike ride, a jog in the local park, or a swim. Such activities do not need elaborate planning and greatly help reduce stress.

At the same time, it is important to ease back into a work schedule. The last day of a weekend break or a night off with family should be planned in such a way that it doesn’t cause exhaustion and inhibit performance at work the next day.


Prioritize Self-care

Staying Productive While Social Distancing

Humans are social beings, so social distancing can be extremely trying when it comes to our mental well-being. Self-care is necessary during these times. Self-care includes habits like eating healthy , getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and doing pleasurable activities that a hectic lifestyle doesn’t permit. Self-care leads to a boost of confidence and increases one’s desire to maintain a healthy work routine.

Additionally, following a simple but effective exercise regime is one of the most important things during such a time. Exercise not only eliminates health concerns like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, but it increases natural immunity which protects the body from the risk of viral infections.


Help Others, and Boost Confidence

Staying Productive While Social Distancing

With chaos and uncertainty in the face of a global pandemic, it is natural to get demotivated and suffer from low self-esteem. Visualizing and committing to goals can be a great way to avoid panic and build confidence. Engaging in activities and habits that are outside of one’s comfort zone often has the same effect. For example, someone who is generally shy in social settings can reconnect with family and friends over voice and video calls. This activity can also make quarantining more bearable.

Social distancing can be duly followed while helping people in need. Options include:

  • Volunteering to feed people at homeless shelters and community kitchens
  • Sewing face masks
  • Preparing alcohol-based sanitizer for distribution
  • Or simply supporting small business owners who are hit hard due to lack of trade

You can also use social networking sites for digital fundraising and charitable work. Helping those in need is a great way to improve self-esteem and feel more satisfied.


Consider Online Recreation

Staying Productive While Social Distancing

With extra time at home, you can finally watch films and shows that have been on your bucket list for years. Many streaming services are now available at discounted prices for users during the quarantine.

If you don’t have a smart TV, there are DIY resources online that can teach you how to convert your regular TV into a smart one, allowing you to watch all those shows you previously didn’t have the time to watch. A media player like Amazon Fire TV Cube is a budget-friendly option for streaming online music and videos. An HDMI cable also enables smartphones, tablets or laptops to be plugged into a television set to make it a smart TV.

Other sources of online recreation include:



The best way to be productive during social distancing is to keep yourself engaged in activities without obsessing over negative news on the TV or on social media. Know that boredom and depression are not abnormal during this time, and that professional help to support one’s mental health is available for those who seek it. With this in mind, try your best to use this period to rest, recuperate, and re-center yourself. These simple tips should help you do just that!


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Staying Productive While Social Distancing - Social distancing and self-quarantine can be boring, exhausting and overwhelming, but this time could be used as the perfect opportunity to redefine productivity and discover a new sense of self.  Try your best to use this period to rest, recuperate, and re-center yourself. These simple tips should help you do just that!  #StayingProductive   #SocialDistancing  #selfquarantine  #socialisolation   #stayathome  #covid19  #coronavirus  #productivity  #selfcare





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