Sustainable Urban Landscaping Projects For Fall

Fall has finally arrived, and many homeowners are looking forward to not having to mow

their lawn in the weeks to come.

Why not use that newly acquired free time to upgrade your outdoor space and make it more

environmentally friendly?


“By doing some simple sustainable

landscaping projects you can make

your lawn look more impressive or

maximize a small outdoor green space.

You can also boost energy efficiency

and keep your environmental

impact to a minimum.”



 with years of experience in organic lawn care methods and

sustainable landscape and hardscape installation share some their most popular urban

landscaping projects with an eco-friendly twist below.

Check out some of their most requested sustainable urban landscaping projects for Fall:


Sustainable Urban Landscaping Projects For Fall

In an urban setting with limited green space, mulch can be an excellent alternative to more

high-maintenance ground coverings.

It also adds visual contrast to your flowerbeds and can be used to highlight other landscaping

features in your outdoor space.

Organic mulch doesn’t just make your garden look great – it helps the ground retain water,

prevents weeds, and reduces erosion.

It’s also an important step in winterizing your garden.

Laying down mulch in the fall will help your trees and shrubs survive through a cold winter

and save you time next spring!


Sustainable Urban Landscaping Projects For Fall

You don’t have to install solar panels on your roof to power your entire home to make a green swap!

Take a small eco-friendly step and really make your landscape shine by replacing outdoor lights

with solar powered ones.

Install small lights in your garden or along a driveway.

Most solar powered LED for outdoor use are inexpensive and self-sustaining!

Vertical Gardening

Sustainable Urban Landscaping Projects For Fall

One of the best ways to pack a green punch in a small outdoor space is by growing up

instead of out.

Make use of retaining walls or fences is trendy and beautiful, and it takes up less space

than a traditional garden.

Produce like tomatoes, peppers and beans grow very successfully in hanging baskets

and on trellises.

For areas with limited sun exposure, cabbage and lettuce are popular choices.

Composting Bins

Sustainable Urban Landscaping Projects For Fall

Food waste, leaves, sticks, grass clippings, and other organic materials will create soil filled with

nutrients for your indoor or outdoor plants.

While decidedly less glamorous than a vertical planting installation or new lighting, a compost pile

doesn’t have to just look like a rotting pile of organic matter!

Build your own compost bins using cedar, or upcycle a galvanized container to keep your compost

from being the focal point of your outdoor area.

Treat Yourself This Fall

Sustainable Urban Landscaping Projects For Fall

This Fall, as the air turns cold and the leaves turn brown, invest some time in an eco-friendly

outdoor project!

Not only will it transform your outdoor space, but it will have a reduced impact on the environment

around you.

If you’re interested in building or installing green landscaping elements in your outdoor space but

you’re not sure where to start, work with a local contractor in your area.


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