Top 10 Nightspots in Phuket

If you are seeking entertainment and real Thai experience, Phuket town is the perfect

destination for you.

Here you will find lots of cool and lively night time spots whether you are a tourist or a local.

Here are the top places you should visit in Phuket.

10. Rockin’ Angels Blues Café

Rockin’ Angels Blues Café is located on Yaowarat Road in Phuket Old Town just 150 meters

after the fountain circle.

Here you get a chance to enjoy the Blues music being performed by a live band and any musician

in the audience is permitted to join.

Top 10 Nightspots in Phuket

9. Quip Sky Bar

This is a stylish, distinctively artistic rooftop bar.

Here at Quip Sky Bar you can enjoy your drink with a rather remarkable line-up of lobster dishes.

You also enjoy a spectacular view of the stretch of the old city below.

8. Kor Tor Mor

Located near Nimit Circle, 500M East from Robinson Department Store, this nightclub attracts

the youngsters of Phuket mostly.

It has a dress code –no sandals or shorts allowed.

Here, a customer can bring their own liquor or spirits and will only be charged for ice and preparing

soft drinks.

Kor Tor Mor has a proficient security service that assures you that you are safe.

Top 10 Nightspots in Phuket

7. Simon Star Cabaret Show

Simon Star Cabaret Show is located in the northern area of Phuket, near Samkong.

It has a superb stage where you can enjoy a Cabaret show performance as you sip on your drink.

6. Timber Hut

This bar mostly attracts Phuket’s hi-so youngsters and foreigners.

It has a lively nightlife with live performances of both Thai and international classics.

Timber Hut is located on Yaowarat Road at the northern end of Phuket Old Town.

Top 10 Nightspots in Phuket

5. Ka Jok See

This is an absolutely unique place.

It is not easily discernible from the outside but gorgeous from the inside.

Ka Jok See is located on Takua Pa Road.

The mood inside is frantic, and the food is purely Thai.

You will be amazed to see how the shyest of people here are turned crazy and join in the fun.

4. Wonderland Phuket

Wonderland Phuket is a stylish champagne and cocktail lounge situated in Phuket Old Town on

Yaowarat Road close to Dibuk Road.

It features an impressive crimson colored vintage décor.

Here you can taste cocktails from top liquors and spirits.

Top 10 Nightspots in Phuket

3. Saxophone Pub and Restaurant

Saxophone Pub and Restaurant is located right next to the Nimit Traffic Circle and Kor Tor Mor club.

This pub was opened just recently.

The Saxophone is stylish and cool and mostly attracts the youngsters of Phuket town.

It is the perfect choice for meeting up with friends, listening to good music while sipping a few drinks or

eating some local Thai or international delicacies.

2. Aphrodite

The Aphrodite is a highly decorated spot and also houses a Chinese and a Japanese restaurant and a

brewery with a broad range of beer samples.

It is a stunning lady-boy Cabaret show performed in an original building characterized by a large wooden

junk at the top of its main gate.

Top 10 Nightspots in Phuket

1. Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a large entertainment joint situated in the northwestern area of Phuket town on the

bypass road.

It has a large theater with the highest stage in the world!

Here you can watch Thai Mythologies as you enjoy your drink.


Phuket is a lively city where you cannot miss activities to enjoy whether it is during the day or night.

There are also lots of accommodations available.

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Are you interested in planning a trip to Phuket?

What attractions are you looking forward to experiencing in Phuket?

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