Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar for Building Owners

For building owners, installing commercial solar power is a manageable proposition because large

structures can typically handle a massive solar system size and benefit from a lower per kilowatt

installation charge.

Also, businesses stay in one building for a longer period than homeowners, allowing them to realize

more completely the green benefits of solar power.

However, many companies are unaware that solar power can help their business save money.

Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar for Building Owners

Solar Makes Sense

Many companies see solar power only working for high technology businesses.

In that regard, they believe that solar power just does not make financial sense for them, perhaps

because they operate their services during the night.

The good news is that solar makes perfect sense for an extensive mixture of companies regardless

of the industry.

The key factors for consideration when determining if solar power is compatible with your

business are:

Large electric bills from heating water or operating machinery`
Around the clock operations
Subject to energy peaks in high-use months

Whether you are a huge manufacturing facility or data center, if your company experiences any

of these determinants, you should consider the benefits of solar power.

Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar for Building Owners

Solar Power Benefits for Businesses

As residential solar power selection rates continue to grow, solar power for businesses has the

inherent ability to save companies and building owners even more money annually.

However, too many corporations have not taken the time to examine the financial and

operational advantages of solar power.

They view solar power as an out-of-pocket cost with limited benefits other than being green.

Nonetheless, the top five benefits for businesses that invest in solar power include:

1. Reduces operating costs.

Many businesses achieve up to 25 percent reduction in operating costs per year.

2. Decreases carbon footprint.

Reducing CO2 emissions enables you to meet sustainability standards.

3. Control rising energy rates.

By investing in solar energy, you can eliminate your electric bill for at least the next 25 years.

4. Financial incentives.

The average ROI is less than seven years.

5. Free media attention.

Going green carries a positive public relations effect, can influence purchasing decision, and

create customer loyalty.

More firms are beginning to recognize the virtues of going green.

Also, for businesses that do not want to come up with a substantial upfront cash payment for a

solar power system, many states allow companies to lease solar panels for between 15 to 20 years.

Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar for Building Owners

Low Maintenance and High Reliability

Solar energy systems from reputable manufacturers require virtually no maintenance and operate


Access is easy, given the roof structure of many commercial buildings.

Individual solar cells are fragile, so encasing them in tempered glass cases framed by non-corrosive

aluminum provides added protection.

Top 5 Advantages of Going Solar for Building Owners

Because solar panels are exposed to the elements, they are typically quite sturdy and built to endure

weather-related threats such as rain, wind, and hail.

Also, the cells that make up the panel encounter very little breakdown over time.

Subsequently, most solar manufacturers offer a full warranty of their solar panels for 20 to 25 years.

That means that once you move to solar power, you will enjoy reliable electricity for at least 25 years

from a system that is more reliable than and just as functional as standard utility electricity.


Are you clear about the advantages of using solar power?

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